Looking Good is Not Enough

As the day goes by, with the humid and polluted air, we wish to look good at the end of the day. We put a lot of effort into looking good, but sometimes we forget that looking good isn’t enough.

We can stay clean while working (or doing something) by washing our hands (or any parts of the body), brushing our teeth and changing our clothes or wiping the stains on it. But we can’t really achieve that “fresh” look if we are ill-scented, just like the Filipino phrase “Gabi na amoy araw ka pa rin”.

There’s always a product that can save you from those kinds of moments — the Perfume Desserts. Perfume Desserts are Eau de Parfum that is made in London. What is Eau de Parfum? It contains up to 20% pure perfume essence and oil concentration up to 30%, and lasts for at least 8 hours.

They have 4 available refreshing scents – Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, Sakura, Peach Bourbon Popsicles, and Cucumber Melon Cooler. From the scents names and the packaging you’ll get an idea how it will smell like. The packaging is really lovely. A tall and sleek bottle is inserted in a carton cylinder that has this cute design that shows the scents’ contents and how it should smell like.

What I like the most is that it smells so good I’m addicted. I love Sakura’s sweet and sexy smell. It lasts longer than I expect it to, which is really great. Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, on the other hand, for me, smells a bit stronger than Sakura. It’s a bit masculine yet a good perfhme for any genders.

I can guarantee that Perfume Dessert will definitely add that good smell to make you look and feel fresh all day!



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