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Glow with Mestiza Philippines & Samantha Bernardo

Last September 17, 2021, a celebration of unified glow was held. Mestiza Philippines launched Samantha Bernardo as their new Brand Ambassador in a virtual press conference and a meet & greet with our friends from the media, bloggers, and influencers. Samantha truly showcased her glowing confidence by answering the questions from the guests who happily participated in…

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Sogo Cares | 11 Anti-COVID Innovations

11 ANTI-COVID INNOVATIONS BY HOTEL SOGO 1. UVC Disinfection of Rooms, Utensils, Key Cards & Cash Sogo was the first hotel, as early as March 2020, to use UVC (254nm) […]

Eurotel grants scholarship to PLMSFI students

Schools are reopening in some corners of the world yet Philippines remain its classes shutdown due to COVID-19 crisis. With this, education is no exception, this catastrophe has exposed the […]

Make Spa Day at Home Extra Relaxing!

Spa day at home? Here’s how you can make it extra special with Speaks G Spa and wellness treatments might not be a part of your necessities at the moment, […]

Move on.

Optimism is not only about being a positive thinker, it’s also about having a strong faith in our God. There is hope, should ocean rise and mountains fall. He is […]


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