Hospitality 2.0: Hotel Sogo’s Innovation in Post-Covid-19

We are all aware that the world is facing an economic, health, and social crisis due to CoVid-19, which is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. The pandemic affected a lot of people and businesses. The pandemic turned many hotel businesses upside down, especially here in the Philippines.… More

Tanduay Rum Welcomes 2021 With A New Award: Spirits Awards Belgium

I’m going to be honest. Tanduay Rum amazes me. Since last year, late 2020 they have had (if I’m not mistaken) more than 5 achievements. As early as first week of the year 2021, Tanduay products [yet again] gained another recognition from prestigious spirits competitions abroad. Most recently, Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Tanduay Asian… More


ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal last November 29, 2020. A total of 300 relief goods such as clothing, food packs, toys, and vitamins were given to the affected residents. “As part of the EuroReach’s initiatives, Eurotel’s corporate social responsibility… More

Hotel Sogo’s Initiative in time of Pandemic

In this time of General Community Quarantine, a lot of industries have gone back to its operations and many of our fellow kababayans go to work almost every day. Thus, risking important factors in our daily lives –health and safety. Hotel Sogo recently showed how they care to our kababayans as they gave free face… More

The Ultimate Bride’s Haven: Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose, also known as an enchanting concept store for Brides and joyful wedding celebrations has reopened to showcase the best products and ideas. Bride and Rose is a wedding concept store that ensures every bride is safe and relaxed by doing all wedding agendas in one roof and saves all the hassle of… More

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME and SM Malls are giving us a cheerful vibes.

Christmas is almost here! Are you as excited as I am? We all know that nothing can take away our beloved tradition. Not even the pandemic! It’s still the most wonderful time of the year where families also celebrate the joyous season at SM. Let the wonderful, magical and truly merry Christmas at SM drive… More

Allegro Updated and Brewed New Branding for Home Brewers

Coffee is like my maintenance. I can’t live without it. How about you? Do you love coffee too? I cannot afford buying coffee outside and I will definitely not risk my life just to go out to get myself an ice cold brewed coffee… I think. Haha So, what’s a better way to fulfill your… More

Baked Sushi Lovers, Meet Your Queen.

Have you tried the first ever trending pandemic-meal? Yeah. I called it pandemic-meal since people went coo-coo for it during the lockdown. Since the Baked Sushi went viral everyone wanted to try one, or two… or more! And I am one of those people. I go gaga over any delicious sushi snack. Thank goodness it’s… More

A Coffee Tool That Is Worth Investing In

Are you a coffee lover like me? Let me be honest. I can’t function without coffee. Coffee keeps me sane especially when I’m having an anxiety attack. I don’t have the budget to buy coffee in cafés. I prefer making a freshly brewed coffee at home with trusted appliances from a trusted brand, Hanabishi. Hanabishi… More

How To Manage Stress In A Healthy Way?

Is it safe to say that most of the people right now are undergoing a stressful situation? Are you dealing with one right now? I know I am. Stress affects everyone; it’s a natural response for how our brains and bodies react to demands or stressors and learning how to manage stress is important to… More

Soon in Binondo: 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator

A new modern-style coworking space, and business incubator, 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator will open SOON at the busiest commercial district in Manila City, Binondo. It will be located on the 8th floor of Co Ban Kiat II building along Juan Luna Street, Binondo. The new coworking space, owned by 021 Group OPC, will be… More

Promoting Inclusivity in Insurance: Allianz Kaagapay

With what’s happening to the world we needed to adjust. We need to think of a way to survive and live the “New Normal Life.” People are protesting, looting, selling and trying… trying to think of a way to survive and help at the same time. Bad news have invaded the media and only little… More

Tanduay Rums Bag Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award in US

How Tanduay’s Award-Winning Rhums are Made Last month I posted an article about Tanduay’s achievement. I can’t belive how Tanduay is continuously dominating spirits competitions and awards. In fact, recently, three of its products again gained recognition, this time from the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The Tanduay Double 16 Years Old Aged Rum was a… More