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Baked Sushi Lovers, Meet Your Queen.

Have you tried the first ever trending pandemic-meal? Yeah. I called it pandemic-meal since people went coo-coo for it during the lockdown. Since the Baked Sushi went viral everyone wanted to try one, or two…… More

A Coffee Tool That Is Worth Investing In

Are you a coffee lover like me? Let me be honest. I can’t function without coffee. Coffee keeps me sane especially when I’m having an anxiety attack. I don’t have the budget to buy coffee… More

How To Manage Stress In A Healthy Way?

Is it safe to say that most of the people right now are undergoing a stressful situation? Are you dealing with one right now? I know I am. Stress affects everyone; it’s a natural response… More

Soon in Binondo: 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator

A new modern-style coworking space, and business incubator, 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator will open SOON at the busiest commercial district in Manila City, Binondo. It will be located on the 8th floor of Co… More

Promoting Inclusivity in Insurance: Allianz Kaagapay

With what’s happening to the world we needed to adjust. We need to think of a way to survive and live the “New Normal Life.” People are protesting, looting, selling and trying… trying to think… More

Tanduay Rums Bag Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award in US

How Tanduay’s Award-Winning Rhums are Made Last month I posted an article about Tanduay’s achievement. I can’t belive how Tanduay is continuously dominating spirits competitions and awards. In fact, recently, three of its products again… More

Tips on How to Start a Home Business

Since the pandemic happened, a lot of people have lost their jobs and now struggling to find a way to get through each day without a stable income, and I am one of them. Days… More