Tea Time: Mint Verbena | Harney & Sons Teas

First, I LOVE the packaging. The intention of how you should feel is present. Looks calming, love the colors. Warm and comforting to the eyes.

It smells like peace. NO JOKE. Once you open it the scent of the herbs will hug you.. It has a very strong scent. Really really minty, it’s really relaxing..

As you can see the sachet of the herbs itself is different. It’s not paper-like. It’s a like a tulle but softer.. I’m not sure of what type of fabric it is.
Anyway, this tea is so good. I really like the taste. Refreshing… has the right amount of mintiness.

I googled it and I found their website – www.harney.com


Found out that their Tea Master (creator, founder) is John Harney, started his small home-run business in Salisbury, Connecticut and now their HQ is located in Millerton New York.

You gotta check their website they have lots of different kinds of tea. They have White Tea, Green, Matcha, Oolong, Black, Decaff, Organic, Art, etc.

Under those kinds, they have different mixes.. Price starts at $2.00. If you’re a tea addict Check ’em out. Also, follow them on twitter & Instagram, like their page on facebook & start pinning their posts on pinterest 😘

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