Paskong Easy Sarap Holiday with Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club

Christmas is coming real soon! Are you ready? Do you have a menu for the big day? I suggest you celebrate it with Mega Prime’s newest products – Young Corn, Nata de Coco Ube, Melon and Pineapple.

Last November 13, 2021 we had a quick and fun workshop with Mommy Connh Cruz, Chef Rosebud, Prime Mom Club’s honorary member and Mega Prime’s brand ambassador, Marian Rivera Dantes.

With their help, I now have a festive holiday menu ready for my family and guests.

Oh and I also got to bond with my son; we created a symbolic Parol which was also taught during the Paskong Easy Sarap Workshop.

Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development Officer mentioned, “We formed the Prime Mom Club because we wanted to create a fun and enriching space where moms can bond with other moms, learn from each other, and at the same time have easy access to home and kitchen hacks that make their life a little easier. With the holiday season always being hectic, we hope that this workshop, along with our new Mega Prime products, lessen their stress and give them more time with family.”

Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development Officer

Prime Mom Club is a way for mothers to improve their household chores. Prime Moms combines information and education with interactive and engaging events to give you exclusive access to a wealth of professional and celebrity-guided activities. Sign up for PrimeMom Club at and join the growing modern housewife community for exclusive information about upcoming events and perks. Follow @megaprimequality on Facebook and Instagram for more information. You can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel to learn more Easy Sarap cooking tips.


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