Organic Hair Care is becoming a Trend

When it comes to hair care we are all very careful with the products that we are going to use. We worry that chemicals or solutions that normal shampoos have might make our hair dry, increase hair fall or completely damage our hair.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about that because Evetag produced organic products that will take care of our hair. Evetag created “Elke” brand that provides all natural products such as shampoo bars.


Elke by Evetag offers different variants for different types of hair conditions but all of those are made with mild ingredients and not with Lye nor SLS (because it is harsh on the scalp). All of it were made of natural ingredients which makes it safe for all ages. Yes, you read it right – as young as an infant and as old as you can think of (well, old).

Their Three Variants are:

  • Hair Tamer
    • Good for frizzy hair and has a growth stimulator. Also, it has an ability to give you a shiny sanitized hair.

elke (7)

  • Mudy Detox
    • This one is good for people that has oily scalp and chemically treated hair.

elke (5)

  • Bunny Brittle
    • This variant helps those who have dry and brittle hair. It enriches your bleached and/or colored hair.

elke (6)

Elke by Evetag also has a conditioner bar that is a mixed product of an apple cider vinegar and beer. It also contains keratin and D pathenol combined with natural ingredients like Virgin Olive Oil, VCO, African Shea Butter and few more.

elke (2)

This Beer Conditioner Bar is a vegan silicon free non-sticky bar, and like the shampoos, it can last up to 30 times washes, depending on your hair length.

What makes Elke by Evetag wonderful and unique? They are starting to help save the Earth by replacing plastic containers with cute packaging. Way to go Evetag!

For more information about the brand please visit their facebook page.

* All images were grabbed from Elke by Evetag.

*This is a collaboration with Elke by Evetag.

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