We all love a good skin care routine, and I want to share the products I used for my skin care routine for each month and the effects of each products. Let me start with the ones I used last June 2018.

DISCLAIMER : What works for my skin might not work for yours and vice versa. Please do a skin test for 24 hours especially if you have a sensitive skin before using any products just to make sure that it would not harm your skin. For irritated skin and allergic reactions, consult an expert.

Since I started blogging I’ve been trying on different cosmetics and skin care products, and last June gifts from few brand owners started arriving unto my doorstep, and I can’t figure out other ways to express my gratitude but to give them a feedback and at the same time give you an idea about the brands that can help us (or not) take care of our body/skin.

The first brand of skin care products that arrived were from Queen Bhean. Queen Bhean caters products that are infused with Korean Jeju Ginseng and Cucumber Extract mixed with other ingredients that can help the products give the users a Korean Glass like skin. Sounds promising, but a lot has confirmed this claim.

Products used and its effects

Facial Cleanser & Make up Remover 250 ml

QB (2)
This facial cleanser works really well for me, it removes make up and dirt quickly. Its scent is so good, loving it every time I use it. It’s not itchy and it doesn’t have that icky feeling.

Clay Mask 100ml – Php 200

QB (4)

Rinse after removing those dirt, then apply QB Clay Mask that has a cool feeling. It lessens breakouts and lightens your dark spots. It’s anti-acne which is so awesome. You’ll feel relaxed and fresh after using this. It’s perfect for a DIY Spa day for yourself (or with friends, whatever you prefer). Imagine laying down listening to a good music. Don’t worry, you’ll smell fresh too because this product smells so good.

Facial Wash 100 ml – Php 200

QB (3)

After mask, rinse using QB Facial Wash (and water). What I love about this product is its cooling effect. It’s so refreshing and relaxing. My skin didn’t become dry. It helped tighten my pores. SO COOL!

Pore Correcting Toner 100 ml

QB (6)

QB’s toner smells nice too and effective. It lightens dark spots quickly and tightens your pores even more.

QB Essence 30 ml – Php 300

QB (5)

This QB Essence is the next product you should put on after air drying the toner. It has SPF 50 that protects our skin from UV. It is said that it has collagen to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This essence serves as a moisturizer and pore minimizer. The essence keeps the skin hydrated.

Wonder Cream – Php 250

QB (8)

It is called Wonder Cream for a reason. This cream comes with a SPF 30 to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is filled with whitening and anti-aging ingredients like Koijc Acid, Glutablend Collagen, Jeju Ginseng and more. This is the last product I use on the whole face.

Eye Wonder 15 ml – Php 220

QB (7)

Say bye-bye to those unwanted bags under your eyes with this cool Eye Wonder from Queen Bhean. Not only that it smells good, but it’s relaxing too. While applying, it’s as if you’re rubbing an ice, no, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s cold and it feels so good.

In general, I can say that the products are perfect to use during summer. Well, in our case, since it’s really hot in the Philippines, every day is a perfect day to use QB products because all of it has a cool feeling on the skin whether it’s still wet or dry. It is known to be effective to any skin types, tho I have read and watched about the other reviews I can’t still claim that yet. I just used it on me and my hubby. My skin type is combination, and my hubby’s skin type is oily.


All of their products have a Cucumber infusion that keeps your skin hydrated which will give you a healthy skin, and a Jeju Ginseng which protects the skin from the external environmental factors such as smog, pollution and UV.

For orders and inquiries visit their facebook page.

Thanks for reading this long review. I hope it’s helpful!

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Buying a new car is a pressure especially if you’re not really an enthusiast. There are loads of different shops, brands and models to choose from, but what’s really important is the quality and the performance of the car itself. I have made a list of things you should consider in buying a new and used car. It depends on your situation or goal. If you’re a family man/woman who is looking into getting a car, you have to decide which type of car you want. There are several types of cars.


  • Compact sedan

If you have a small family, I recommend compact sedan. Why? For starters it has enough trunk space. It is lighter yet reliable compared to other types of cars.

  • Sedan

If you want something bigger than a compact sedan with a bigger trunk space and a wider space, go for sedan, you’ll just add few bucks.

  • Super sedan

Super sedan is a large sedan and more expensive than the 2 other kinds of sedan. It consumes a lot of fuel.


  • Mini hatchback

Mini hatchback is a really small kind of hatchback, and is not recommended for a family man/woman. It fits more to single people.

  • Hatchback

Hatchback is much like a smaller sedan, and doesn’t have a big trunk space. But if you’re not a heavy packer, this type of car is for you. Also, it looks more sporty than a sedan.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

  • Compact SUV

This is more expensive than sedan and hatchback because it is larger and more powerful. It can carry big family and has a big room for any thing.

  • SUV

This one is bigger than compact sedan, more powerful and consumes a lot of fuel. This is recommended to people who are not on a tight budget.

Pick up Truck


This type of car is ideal for travellers, for people who loads a lot of items/furnitures. This is a very powerful vehicle and an expensive one too.


Van is recommended for people who has a big family. It is also used for rentals, another way to get your money back. This car is the biggest among all the types of car.

Buying a second hand car is different from buying a new car, because there are few things you have to consider unlike new cars you don’t have to check if there’s issue. Also, second hand cars are cheaper but that doesn’t mean it performs nicely and neatly like the new ones. You have to pick carefully. So, here are the things you should consider in buying a used car.


First, check if the cars has been in an accident. It’s either you ask the seller, if he’s honest you’re in luck but if not, you got to knock all of the panels of the car, it should sound like a hollow can-like material with an echo-like. If it doesn’t have that sound, then it must have been fixed before. Minor fixes on the body are fine, but if it’s been in a total wreck, it’s no good because the chassi is already unproportioned.


Look under the hood and check if it has oil leaks. See if the valve cover is leaking, if it doesn’t have any leaks check if it has any oil stains. If it has oil stains it means it has a leak. Next, check the break, the pipes, the coppers, and the rubbers for fluid leaks.

Other things to consider

Check if the AC is working properly because this one is a big problem and will be an expensive one to repair. The under chassi problems will be detected during the test drive. If you hear a thump that sounds like a loose screw when you drive on a speed bump that means there is something wrong with your under chassi, that means you have to call a professional.

Buying a used car is recommended for car enthusiasts and people who are highly knowledgeable about cars.

If you don’t know anything about cars, find someone who knows a lot about it and ask them about what fits you and your prefereces or bring them with you.

Hope this helps. Let me know what type of car you’re eye-ing for. To know more about cars click here.

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