Gone deep into the ocean of Mermaid Island

Since I started creating content for my blog site and my Youtube Channel, I have been looking for an interesting and unique concept to review, then came 2017, organic skincare and cosmetics became a trend in the marketing industry and so the search for the most unique local brand started.

What qualifications fall in the ‘unique’ list? First, the concept must be original and one of a kind in the town/country. Second, it must be really interesting. So interesting that it catches the attention of many people and makes people want to try it before it becomes famous. Third, it must be in trend or start a new trend.

I have encountered few organic local brands already since the search began, and it was a fun journey for me. I learned a lot from testing the products and interviewing the manufacturers and brand owners.

This year, 2019 a new discovery left me in awe. It was unique, magical, organic and locally made – just what I’m looking for.

It is unique in a way that no one has done it in town (yet). The concept is well thought of – from the contents of the products, to its names, up to its packaging.

The brand I’m talking about is none other than MERMAID ISLAND. Mermaid Island is owned and managed by a beauty and lifestyle blogger, Via Tancuan. It is an organic cosmetics and skincare line. Based on the brand name ‘Mermaid Island’, the concept is a magical world under the sea theme. You can read more about the backstory here.

Went deep to gather the facts

Fact: if Ariel is real she’ll absolutely love this brand.


What I really love about Mermaid Island is how well thought and eye-catching the packaging of each product is. It’s fun and unique, it’ll make you turn back and check out what kind of product it is. Each product has a unique and creative name which I find brilliant. The packaging is eco-friendly. It’s witty and I love it!

Oh there’s more… Mermaid Island products are natural and vegan friendly. It’s safe for all ages. Everything is gentle and non-toxic and safe for all ages, even pregnant and lactating moms. You can read more about the brand here.

Treasures of Mermaid Island

Bath & Body Products

  • Boy Next Shore – A Shampoo bar for men
Photo by Mermaid Island

I really like this shampoo bar, I know it’s for men but I love its smell. It smells like Calvin Klein perfume.

It’s gentle on skin and my husband said it didn’t make his scalp itch and after using it he didn’t have a dandruff.

  • Deep Seacret – Shampoo bar for women with dry and damaged hair

I like this shampoo bar. It smells good and like the shampoo bar for men, it’s gentle on skin. I didn’t have dandruff after using it.

The product doesn’t melt fast and it didn’t make my hair rough and dry. It actually made my hair soft, which is really great.

  • Anti Bact-Coral Green Landterm – Hand Sanitizer

I never go out without this sanitizer. It helps me keep my family have clean and protected hands. It’s amazing because it’s safe for kids too. It’s also like a moisturizer, amazing! The sanitizer isn’t irritating on the skin and doesn’t give us a rough palm.

It smells like baby powder and I kind of got addicted to it. The smell goes nearly an hour (if you’re touching a lot of things) after using the sanitizer. Whenever I notice that the smell is gone I squeeze a pea size on my hand to make my hand smell good again.

  • Cathfishccino – Lips plumper and exfoliator

I am amazed by this product. Catfishccino is infused with Macadamia Oil, which keeps your lips hydrated and exfoliated. It’s a mix of Coffee Robusta and Arabica and it stimulates blood flow and increases collagen production so our lips can stay soft and kissable, sultry and extra pouty.


  • Seaside Balmer – Matte Butter Lipbalm

I like the shade of this Seaside Balmer – nude. I thought I can’t pull off a shade like this but I was wrong.

I like the formula of this one because it’s not hard to apply. Even though it’s matte it’s still moisturizing and easy to take off.

This lipbalm smells nice and doesn’t have a flavor.

  • Beach Perfect Waving up in Vegas

Beach Perfect collection is a Lip, Lid, and Cheek Clay Stain. It’s all natural and safe for all ages. Other than it smells good, it tastes nice too. Don’t worry it’s non-toxic. In fact, like their other products breastfeeding and pregnant women can use this too.

What I like about Waving up in Vegas is that it has the perfect shade for any event. When you apply it and spread it evenly, you’ll see that the pigment is consistent, it doesn’t go any darker.

It’s long-lasting and flawlessly turns into matte texture. Like the lipbalm, this clay stain is pretty moisturizing and hydrating too.

  • Beach Perfect Cod Romance

This Cod Romance is a lighter shade of Waving up in Vegas. They almost have the same formulation- this shade is more matte than the other one.

This shade is perfect to use as a blush on, it looks natural on the cheeks and it smells nice, you won’t worry about doing ‘beso’ with the people you meet.

Those are the treasures I got from Mermaid Island. In case you missed it, you can read the inspiring story behind this brand here.

For orders and other inquiries, visit their facebook page and instagram account.

Get ready with me using Mermaid Island’s products:

A Mermaid’s Tale

The Story Behind Mermaid Island

A thought crossed over the mind of a known beauty and lifestyle blogger, Via Tancuan on September 2017 as she was sporting her bold colored hair. She noticed that her hair color is fading fast whenever she uses a regular commercial shampoo. She wondered if there’s an available shampoo in the market that is gentle for treated and dyed hair. Via searched and learned that there are available shampoo that does what she’s looking for but it all cost relatively high.

Creator, Via Tancuan

The idea popped in her mind again in May 2018, after getting married and was then pregnant. She realized that she needed to use cosmetics and skin care products that are healthy and safe; she needed an alternative.

Aside from color-friendly hair creams, she went searching for face powders and eye makeup that are safe for pregnant and lactating women. Knowing that it’s not only her who might be experiencing the same kind of sentiments, she started attending courses to learn more about the craft and science of mineral cosmetics and organic skin care.

Hence, Mermaid Island finally came to shore.

What is Mermaid Island?

Mermaid Island is a local brand of an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. It was inspired by the carefree yet fancy, bold yet mysterious, undiscovered yet mesmerizing world of mermaids.

The underwater concept is supposed to be easily relatable since most girls of all ages have once watched Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid or Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel which are often depicted as calm, friendly, beautiful, unyielding, too excited to walk to be on land.

You’ll see how each product name is carefully thought of, as well as its variants. For one, Beach Perfect (Lip and Lid Cheek Clay Stain) is inspired by the musical “Pitch Perfect”.

Beach Perfect Collection, Image from their FB Page

All of its shades are named after songs too, with a touch of anything related to island life, sea, summer, and creatures of the ocean. For example, Tropic Like It’s Hot (reminiscent of Drop it Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg ), and Reef I Were A Boy (If I Were a Boy by Beyonce Knowles).

Swatch Image from their FB Page

Mermaid Island recently launched a few skin care products for men, including shampoo bars, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizers.

Their Advocacy:

Mermaid Island promotes self-love by encouraging makeup fans to invest in their natural health. The brand only uses certified all organic and natural raw ingredients to ensure that women can enjoy good and quality cosmetics that are safe (even for teens, pregnant, and lactating women), effective, and environmentally friendly.

The Clam Squad behind the makeup line’s goal is to inspire all women by being confident and finding beauty in enhancing their own skin through the use of natural products. For them, choosing healthier options is like ‘outswimming’ – winning a race to uphold a good cause.

Mermaid Island plans to create a shrimpact by providing quality, affordable, and unintimidating beauty that will dolphinetly complement their clients’ ever dynamic lifestyle.

Each product is carefully handcrafted with love and mermaid magic – Mermaid Island swears by a motto, “Beauty that outswims, outstands.”

For more information follow them at:

For inquiries you can contact them at mermaidislandph@gmail.com
0956 249 5365

Lip Tint is life? What it is and is it safe?

Most of the cosmetics junkies I’m sure knows what a lip tint is, but I’ll still tell you  what it is. Lip Tint became in trend in early 2017. It’s a lip cosmetic that is made of organic ingredients that’s supposed to help our lips stay soft, and looks natural when worn. Different shades was released, making Lip Tints sell best than lipsticks.

There are two types of Lip Tint, the water-based and the gel-based.

First Application of Lip Tints | Left: Gel-based |  Right: Water-based

Water-based, meaning a Lip Tint is composed of organic products combined/mixed with water. Best example is this Lip Tint from Lubly Lucs who sells organic cosmetics but their best selling products are their Lip Tints. Lubly Lucs just released 6 shades of Lip Tints.

Water-based Lip Tints give you nice pigment of shades. It’s water-proof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof. Yes, it lasts longer than a lipstick.

LUBLY LUCS | Fair Cerisse

Like Lubly Lucs’, most of the organic Lip Tints smell sweet and taste good, while some other brands’ Lip Tints have bitter taste. Well, it really depends on what brand you’re going to try.

The other type of Lip Tint is the Gel-based Lip Tint. It lasts longer than water-based (based on my observation) because it has more pigment due it’s a combination of organic products, gel recipe and a small amount of water. Like the water-based it is hard to take off, it’s water-proof, kiss-proof, and smudge-proof.

Sulips is the best brand to use as an example for this type, because it is really pigmented and it has the right characteristics of a gel-based Lip Tint. Sulips has 5 shades available online and other organic cosmetics in the near future.

SULIPS | Roseate

Lip Tints are not only for the lips. You can also use it as your blush and eye shadow, no kidding. That is, if you’re looking into a long lasting day to night make up. It is actually called a Lip and Cheek Tint nowadays, and many beauty gurus create a tutorial for a full make up using Lip Tint products. Insane, right? But it works.

Lip Tints are safe to use. Well, the ingredients are as follows; Aqua, Glycerin, Colorants, Vitamin E Extract, Aloe Extract and Glycol. People of all ages and genders can use it, yes you read it right, it’s safe for kids too. Oh and let’s not forget the pregnant women and lactating/breastfeeding moms, you can use it too mumshies! Don’t Panic it’s organic!

For more information about the brands that were mentioned please follow them on facebook Sulips Lip and Cheek Tint and Lubly Lucs Lip & Cheek Tint PH.

A reliable supplier of Organic Cosmetics – Stainer PH

Cosmetics are booming in the business field nowadays and there lots of new cosmetic brands that keep on joining the trend. I’m glad that organic cosmetics were invented, and now, there are tons of brands to choose from that sells different kinds of organic products that can be used as an alternative to make ups that are generally mixtures of chemical compounds like Titanium dioxide, Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Parabens and many more.

One of the organic brands that I’ve encountered as a reliable one is the Stainer PH. Stainer PH is a online shop owned by Ms. Yhang and was established just this March 1, 2018. They are selling pure organic products such as lip stains, lip balms, lip scrub, eyebrow pomade and many more to come (soon). Ms. Yhang manages the shop on her own in between her day job. “I manage this shop kahit pagoda amor na ko sa werk (I manage this shop even though I’m exhausted from work.) But, because this is my passion and I’m having fun, nagpapatuloy ako (I pursued)”, she said. She mentioned that her sibling sometimes help her updating the shop’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

The business was a partnership with her college friend that studied cosmetology. Her friend came up with the ingredients and is behind the formulation of the products. Ms. Yhang also said that sometimes she helps her friend in creating new products which she chose to sell other than it being her passion, she knew that it’s in right now. She said, “Mas need na ng mga babae ngayon ang make up kesa sa lovelife. Charr! (Women need make up more than a lovelife. Joke!)”

Stainer PH’s organic cosmetics are safe to use, hypoallergenic and pure organic. Want to know what items are available in their shop? Watch the video here.

Here are some of the products that I got from them:

LIP STAINS – Php 150.00
Their lip stains are water and gel based, 100% organic, long-lasting, highly pigmented, and what’s best is that it’s safe to used by children, pregnant woman and by people who have a sensitive skin. It contains Vitamins C, E and F, Fruit and Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Rose Water, Olive oil, Grapeseed and Jojoba oil, and VCO.

It smells good, sweet and fruity. What I like about it is it doesn’t have a bitter taste and it doesn’t taste like anything at all. I like that it didn’t make my lips dry, in fact, it moisturized it more.

LIP SCRUB – Php 100.00
I used their lip scrub before and in-between doing the swatches. It really helped me keeping my lips smooth and clean. It smells like a lipstick and also leaves light pink stain on your lips. Your lips will definitely feel smooth and looked kissable after using this.

The lip scrub tastes like a sweet lipstick (if you know what I mean). It is of course made with sugar mixed with few organic ingredients.


Stainer PH’s Matte Tinted Lip Balms are made with Tocopherol, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Flavor Oil and Colorant. They claimed that it also has SPF 15 which is really great.

What I love about their lip balm is that it looks like a legit lipstick but definitely not as moisturizing as one. It left me with a softer and smoother lips. Unlike lipsticks it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable by drying my lips and such.

stainerph (18)

EYEBROW POMADE – Php 175.00 (with brush)

The Eyebrow Pomades that they sent me are really lovely. It’s waterproof and smudge proof. What makes it amazing is that it has hair grower, and also contains biotin oil, castor oil and Jamaican black.

They have 2 types of pomades, one that is water proof and one that is smudge proof. The water proof pomade is creamier than the smudge proof one.

It’s not really that oily and you can blend it easily. Also, it doesn’t smell like anything at all, pure organic I must say.

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Watch my vlog review about this product:

For more information, inquiries and orders, like and follow them on facebook and instagram. Get a 20% discount by using my code “SPHVIN



If you like Organic Cosmetics, check this one out.

Thankful for all the blessing that I’m receiving from different people. Last week I got a gift from a local online shop. The shops name is Safiya Beautique. Safiya sells organic lip & cheek tints, Skin care and other cosmetic products.

They sent me a set of their lip & cheek tint and an eyebrow pomade.

Organic Lip & Cheek Tint
I got the whole existing collection that has 5 shades; Belle, Blueberry, Strawberry, Amber & Berry Bliss.

Safiya (21)

It’s waterbased, no oilyness at all. It’s organic, long lasting, smudge proof & water proof. I always check the smell of each products that I review. I love products that smell good, who doesn’t, right? well, these lip tints didn’t disappoint.

It’s a great thing that Safiya’s 10ml Tints are made with organic ingredients which make it ideal for all skin types. The tints smell good, like a flower and beyond that, it doesn’t have a bitter taste. In fact, it tasted sweet.

Tints are known to last longer than lipsticks and these proved that. It’s waterproof, easy to blend and smudge proof. Its retail price is 130 Php each. Not bad, because the pigment is really nice and when I tried it, my lips didn’t dry up.

Available Shades
– Belle’s shade is more on the purple side of the color palette.

Blueberry – This shade is more like a burgundy but darker. Imagine a red-brownish color. A strong color that best fit for a bolder look.

Amber – Amber shade is poppin’ orange-y. It’s a playful color that is best for a fun cheeky look.

Strawberry – If you’re into looking cute and all that, this shade is perfect. It’s pink but not too pink, just the right amount of cuteness.

Berry Bliss – I must say, Berry Bliss is my favorite among all of the shades, because it has the perfect pigment that I’d need for my lips and cheeks. I love it! It’s color is a subtle red that is perfect for a natural blush and lips look.

Safiya (13)

Eyebrow Pomade
Along with the eyebrow pomade, they sent me a dual purpose Anastacia (eyebrow) brush to use when applying the product.

What made it really interesting is that they claimed that this 10g eyebrow pomade is made with a hair grower. It is really pigmented. For me it’s  a bit oily and sticky, but that’s because of my skin type. I recommend this product because it’s easy to apply, easy to blend and the shade is nice. Also, it doesn’t have a strong nor a bad smell.

If you’re following me on instagram you might see there what my thoughts on the ‘hair grower’ feature of this product. You can buy this Eyebrow Pomade for the price of 150 Php. This product is smudge-free, all natural and organic pomade formula that performs as an all-in-one wonder brow product. It’s creamy and it glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean and defined brows. It is available in two shades; medium brown & dark brown.

Don’t forget to visit their facebook page and instagram @safiyaorganiccheeklip_. Watch my full vlog review on my Youtube Channel.

I hope this blog is helpful for make up lovers in choosing what brand should you try or buy. It’s always overwhelming receiving sample (or actual) products for review. Very thankful!

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