This mask lightens skin in just 3 days!

I am not new to whitening and anti-acne products, in fact, I have used countless products to whiten different parts of my body and to make my face acne free. I was bowled over a discovery that there is a product that can lighten your skin and can lessen breakouts at the same time. It amazed me more when I saw the results.

Last July, I received a parcel from an online shop named Chrizea Skin. They sent me their famous Wonder Bleach: Whitening Face & Body Mask.

Chrizea (1)

Chrizea Skin’s 300 grams of Wonder Bleach contains Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Mulberry, and AHA.

It’s easy to use. First, wash your body with water or with any soap you love to use, and then you apply Wonder Bleach on your skin (whatever part you want to lighten like underarm, elbow, face, etc.), then let it sit for 30 minutes – one hour. While applying it you will feel some micro-beads that you can use as a scrub. It’s feels like you just poured a yogurt on your skin – a fruit-scented yogurt. You should know that the mask dries up fast, and can be messy.

After leaving it on your skin, rinse the area or just take a bath to wash it all off, then you’re done. You will see a difference after 3 consecutive days of using it. Don’t worry about your skin getting burned, because Wonder Bleach contains natural ingredients thus making it not harsh on the skin.

Before Chrizea

I noticed that it really made my skin lighter after 3 days and it lessen my acne, so I continued using it. After 2 weeks of using Chrizea, I just can’t believe the result.


The mask didn’t make my face itchy nor have I had a breakout during (and after) using it.

I love that the product proved their tag line right – “Whitens skin in just 3 days!”. The fact that it contains natural ingredient is stupendous. That just means it is safe for different skin types. What makes it awesome is that the mask retails for 319 pesos only. Can you believe that? It’s safe and effective. Need I say more?

For orders and inquiries, visit Chrizea Skin’s facebook page.

Acne Be Gone : Skin Correct PH

I am back and I know this is a late post, but heck, still sharing it! This time I’ll share my skin care routine for the month of July 2018. My skin [face] literally breaks out easily, like hella quick. I can have a smooth face like a baby’s skin today and have an acne party on my face the next day. Especially when the time of the month is near, like 1 week near. So, skin care is becoming an important part of my day-to-day life.

DISCLAIMER : What works for my skin might not work for yours and vice versa. Please do a skin test for 24 hours especially if you have a sensitive skin before using any products just to make sure that it would not harm your skin. For irritated skin and allergic reactions, consult an expert.

Good thing Skin Correct PH sent some of their products to help me with this rapid acne problem. Skin Correct PH was founded by a team of dermatologists that, according to them “provide you with quality cosmetics- Those that contain Clinical Grade ingredients”. They claimed that their products are “researched, transparent, skin-tested, parabens, color, pthalates, zinc and scent (artifical scents in particular) free to give you the best and safest skin care.” Sounds promising right? Well, you can test it for yourself.

Here’s how I use their products, and my thoughts about the product:

Skin Correct PH’s products weighs 125ml and for me is worth their prices. It’s big enough to last up to 3 months if you’ll use it once a day. You don’t really need a big amount of the products to put on your face.

Acne Clarifying Solution – P270

This product was made for acne prone, like me. It serves as a toner and a quick fix for oily skin. It lightened my dark spots and improved my skin texture. This solution also deeply cleanse your pores and helps lessen the oiliness.

My skin didn’t react poorly on this one. I did not experience any irritation or itchiness.

Acne Clarifying Wash – P300

May I remind you all to close your mouth while washing your face with anything. Since Skin Correct PH’s products are flavorless don’t expect a fruity taste. LOL But it’s okay, it’s effective. What matters is the performance of the products, and you should not worry because Skin Correct PH doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

I love how quick this facial wash dried up my pimples. It also helped lighten my dark spots, which is so cool! I love using this after a long dirty and tiring day because it relaxes me when I look in the mirror and see my pores clean like pollution doesn’t exist in the city.

Skin Correct (6)

Gentle Cleanse – P300

This product is claimed to be for Dry, Irritated Skin, Sensitive Skin and Eczema Conditions, and is “a mild, irritant-free and soap-free cleanser that retains moisture”. I use it to wipe my make up off, and sometimes I use it just to clean my face and rinse it with the facial wash. After rinsing, it gives me a smooth and itch free skin.

I tried to use it after my face got so itchy after eating a chicken (cos your girl is allergic to that delicious food), and swiftly reduced that prickly feeling.

Emollient Cream – P350

The emollient cream gave me a smoother skin. Thanks Skin Correct PH!

This product is not sticky, it’s creamy and is easy to spread. A pea size pump is enough to cover the whole face. Imagine that? It moisturizes your skin and relaxes any irritated skin.

Skin Correct (7)


I dig the whole look of Skin Correct’s packaging. It has a minimal look but still a head turner. It looks clean and I stan it! The nozzles are made out of hard plastic and it doesn’t break easily. The whole body of the product is also made out plastic but a bit softer but durable.


Overall, I like this product and I just want to say that it is indeed effective. No harmful chemicals are added which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.


I wish more brand owners focus on the products’ potential other than the look, flavor and scent. Hands down on this brand!

For orders and inquiries please visit their facebook page and instagram page.

Looking Good is Not Enough

As the day goes by, with the humid and polluted air, we wish to look good at the end of the day. We put a lot of effort into looking good, but sometimes we forget that looking good isn’t enough.

We can stay clean while working (or doing something) by washing our hands (or any parts of the body), brushing our teeth and changing our clothes or wiping the stains on it. But we can’t really achieve that “fresh” look if we are ill-scented, just like the Filipino phrase “Gabi na amoy araw ka pa rin”.

There’s always a product that can save you from those kinds of moments — the Perfume Desserts. Perfume Desserts are Eau de Parfum that is made in London. What is Eau de Parfum? It contains up to 20% pure perfume essence and oil concentration up to 30%, and lasts for at least 8 hours.

They have 4 available refreshing scents – Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, Sakura, Peach Bourbon Popsicles, and Cucumber Melon Cooler. From the scents names and the packaging you’ll get an idea how it will smell like. The packaging is really lovely. A tall and sleek bottle is inserted in a carton cylinder that has this cute design that shows the scents’ contents and how it should smell like.

What I like the most is that it smells so good I’m addicted. I love Sakura’s sweet and sexy smell. It lasts longer than I expect it to, which is really great. Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, on the other hand, for me, smells a bit stronger than Sakura. It’s a bit masculine yet a good perfhme for any genders.

I can guarantee that Perfume Dessert will definitely add that good smell to make you look and feel fresh all day!



Organic Hair Care is becoming a Trend

When it comes to hair care we are all very careful with the products that we are going to use. We worry that chemicals or solutions that normal shampoos have might make our hair dry, increase hair fall or completely damage our hair.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about that because Evetag produced organic products that will take care of our hair. Evetag created “Elke” brand that provides all natural products such as shampoo bars.


Elke by Evetag offers different variants for different types of hair conditions but all of those are made with mild ingredients and not with Lye nor SLS (because it is harsh on the scalp). All of it were made of natural ingredients which makes it safe for all ages. Yes, you read it right – as young as an infant and as old as you can think of (well, old).

Their Three Variants are:

  • Hair Tamer
    • Good for frizzy hair and has a growth stimulator. Also, it has an ability to give you a shiny sanitized hair.

elke (7)

  • Mudy Detox
    • This one is good for people that has oily scalp and chemically treated hair.

elke (5)

  • Bunny Brittle
    • This variant helps those who have dry and brittle hair. It enriches your bleached and/or colored hair.

elke (6)

Elke by Evetag also has a conditioner bar that is a mixed product of an apple cider vinegar and beer. It also contains keratin and D pathenol combined with natural ingredients like Virgin Olive Oil, VCO, African Shea Butter and few more.

elke (2)

This Beer Conditioner Bar is a vegan silicon free non-sticky bar, and like the shampoos, it can last up to 30 times washes, depending on your hair length.

What makes Elke by Evetag wonderful and unique? They are starting to help save the Earth by replacing plastic containers with cute packaging. Way to go Evetag!

For more information about the brand please visit their facebook page.

* All images were grabbed from Elke by Evetag.

*This is a collaboration with Elke by Evetag.

Lip Tint is life? What it is and is it safe?

Most of the cosmetics junkies I’m sure knows what a lip tint is, but I’ll still tell you  what it is. Lip Tint became in trend in early 2017. It’s a lip cosmetic that is made of organic ingredients that’s supposed to help our lips stay soft, and looks natural when worn. Different shades was released, making Lip Tints sell best than lipsticks.

There are two types of Lip Tint, the water-based and the gel-based.

First Application of Lip Tints | Left: Gel-based |  Right: Water-based

Water-based, meaning a Lip Tint is composed of organic products combined/mixed with water. Best example is this Lip Tint from Lubly Lucs who sells organic cosmetics but their best selling products are their Lip Tints. Lubly Lucs just released 6 shades of Lip Tints.

Water-based Lip Tints give you nice pigment of shades. It’s water-proof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof. Yes, it lasts longer than a lipstick.

LUBLY LUCS | Fair Cerisse

Like Lubly Lucs’, most of the organic Lip Tints smell sweet and taste good, while some other brands’ Lip Tints have bitter taste. Well, it really depends on what brand you’re going to try.

The other type of Lip Tint is the Gel-based Lip Tint. It lasts longer than water-based (based on my observation) because it has more pigment due it’s a combination of organic products, gel recipe and a small amount of water. Like the water-based it is hard to take off, it’s water-proof, kiss-proof, and smudge-proof.

Sulips is the best brand to use as an example for this type, because it is really pigmented and it has the right characteristics of a gel-based Lip Tint. Sulips has 5 shades available online and other organic cosmetics in the near future.

SULIPS | Roseate

Lip Tints are not only for the lips. You can also use it as your blush and eye shadow, no kidding. That is, if you’re looking into a long lasting day to night make up. It is actually called a Lip and Cheek Tint nowadays, and many beauty gurus create a tutorial for a full make up using Lip Tint products. Insane, right? But it works.

Lip Tints are safe to use. Well, the ingredients are as follows; Aqua, Glycerin, Colorants, Vitamin E Extract, Aloe Extract and Glycol. People of all ages and genders can use it, yes you read it right, it’s safe for kids too. Oh and let’s not forget the pregnant women and lactating/breastfeeding moms, you can use it too mumshies! Don’t Panic it’s organic!

For more information about the brands that were mentioned please follow them on facebook Sulips Lip and Cheek Tint and Lubly Lucs Lip & Cheek Tint PH.

Road to Glass Skin with Queen Bhean

We all love a good skin care routine, and I want to share the products I used for my skin care routine for each month and the effects of each products. Let me start with the ones I used last June 2018.

DISCLAIMER : What works for my skin might not work for yours and vice versa. Please do a skin test for 24 hours especially if you have a sensitive skin before using any products just to make sure that it would not harm your skin. For irritated skin and allergic reactions, consult an expert.

Since I started blogging I’ve been trying on different cosmetics and skin care products, and last June gifts from few brand owners started arriving unto my doorstep, and I can’t figure out other ways to express my gratitude but to give them a feedback and at the same time give you an idea about the brands that can help us (or not) take care of our body/skin.

The first brand of skin care products that arrived were from Queen Bhean. Queen Bhean caters products that are infused with Korean Jeju Ginseng and Cucumber Extract mixed with other ingredients that can help the products give the users a Korean Glass like skin. Sounds promising, but a lot has confirmed this claim.

Products used and its effects

Facial Cleanser & Make up Remover 250 ml

QB (2)
This facial cleanser works really well for me, it removes make up and dirt quickly. Its scent is so good, loving it every time I use it. It’s not itchy and it doesn’t have that icky feeling.

Clay Mask 100ml – Php 200

QB (4)

Rinse after removing those dirt, then apply QB Clay Mask that has a cool feeling. It lessens breakouts and lightens your dark spots. It’s anti-acne which is so awesome. You’ll feel relaxed and fresh after using this. It’s perfect for a DIY Spa day for yourself (or with friends, whatever you prefer). Imagine laying down listening to a good music. Don’t worry, you’ll smell fresh too because this product smells so good.

Facial Wash 100 ml – Php 200

QB (3)

After mask, rinse using QB Facial Wash (and water). What I love about this product is its cooling effect. It’s so refreshing and relaxing. My skin didn’t become dry. It helped tighten my pores. SO COOL!

Pore Correcting Toner 100 ml

QB (6)

QB’s toner smells nice too and effective. It lightens dark spots quickly and tightens your pores even more.

QB Essence 30 ml – Php 300

QB (5)

This QB Essence is the next product you should put on after air drying the toner. It has SPF 50 that protects our skin from UV. It is said that it has collagen to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This essence serves as a moisturizer and pore minimizer. The essence keeps the skin hydrated.

Wonder Cream – Php 250

QB (8)

It is called Wonder Cream for a reason. This cream comes with a SPF 30 to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is filled with whitening and anti-aging ingredients like Koijc Acid, Glutablend Collagen, Jeju Ginseng and more. This is the last product I use on the whole face.

Eye Wonder 15 ml – Php 220

QB (7)

Say bye-bye to those unwanted bags under your eyes with this cool Eye Wonder from Queen Bhean. Not only that it smells good, but it’s relaxing too. While applying, it’s as if you’re rubbing an ice, no, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s cold and it feels so good.

In general, I can say that the products are perfect to use during summer. Well, in our case, since it’s really hot in the Philippines, every day is a perfect day to use QB products because all of it has a cool feeling on the skin whether it’s still wet or dry. It is known to be effective to any skin types, tho I have read and watched about the other reviews I can’t still claim that yet. I just used it on me and my hubby. My skin type is combination, and my hubby’s skin type is oily.


All of their products have a Cucumber infusion that keeps your skin hydrated which will give you a healthy skin, and a Jeju Ginseng which protects the skin from the external environmental factors such as smog, pollution and UV.

For orders and inquiries visit their facebook page.

Thanks for reading this long review. I hope it’s helpful!

A reliable supplier of Organic Cosmetics – Stainer PH

Cosmetics are booming in the business field nowadays and there lots of new cosmetic brands that keep on joining the trend. I’m glad that organic cosmetics were invented, and now, there are tons of brands to choose from that sells different kinds of organic products that can be used as an alternative to make ups that are generally mixtures of chemical compounds like Titanium dioxide, Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Parabens and many more.

One of the organic brands that I’ve encountered as a reliable one is the Stainer PH. Stainer PH is a online shop owned by Ms. Yhang and was established just this March 1, 2018. They are selling pure organic products such as lip stains, lip balms, lip scrub, eyebrow pomade and many more to come (soon). Ms. Yhang manages the shop on her own in between her day job. “I manage this shop kahit pagoda amor na ko sa werk (I manage this shop even though I’m exhausted from work.) But, because this is my passion and I’m having fun, nagpapatuloy ako (I pursued)”, she said. She mentioned that her sibling sometimes help her updating the shop’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

The business was a partnership with her college friend that studied cosmetology. Her friend came up with the ingredients and is behind the formulation of the products. Ms. Yhang also said that sometimes she helps her friend in creating new products which she chose to sell other than it being her passion, she knew that it’s in right now. She said, “Mas need na ng mga babae ngayon ang make up kesa sa lovelife. Charr! (Women need make up more than a lovelife. Joke!)”

Stainer PH’s organic cosmetics are safe to use, hypoallergenic and pure organic. Want to know what items are available in their shop? Watch the video here.

Here are some of the products that I got from them:

LIP STAINS – Php 150.00
Their lip stains are water and gel based, 100% organic, long-lasting, highly pigmented, and what’s best is that it’s safe to used by children, pregnant woman and by people who have a sensitive skin. It contains Vitamins C, E and F, Fruit and Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Rose Water, Olive oil, Grapeseed and Jojoba oil, and VCO.

It smells good, sweet and fruity. What I like about it is it doesn’t have a bitter taste and it doesn’t taste like anything at all. I like that it didn’t make my lips dry, in fact, it moisturized it more.

LIP SCRUB – Php 100.00
I used their lip scrub before and in-between doing the swatches. It really helped me keeping my lips smooth and clean. It smells like a lipstick and also leaves light pink stain on your lips. Your lips will definitely feel smooth and looked kissable after using this.

The lip scrub tastes like a sweet lipstick (if you know what I mean). It is of course made with sugar mixed with few organic ingredients.


Stainer PH’s Matte Tinted Lip Balms are made with Tocopherol, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Flavor Oil and Colorant. They claimed that it also has SPF 15 which is really great.

What I love about their lip balm is that it looks like a legit lipstick but definitely not as moisturizing as one. It left me with a softer and smoother lips. Unlike lipsticks it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable by drying my lips and such.

stainerph (18)

EYEBROW POMADE – Php 175.00 (with brush)

The Eyebrow Pomades that they sent me are really lovely. It’s waterproof and smudge proof. What makes it amazing is that it has hair grower, and also contains biotin oil, castor oil and Jamaican black.

They have 2 types of pomades, one that is water proof and one that is smudge proof. The water proof pomade is creamier than the smudge proof one.

It’s not really that oily and you can blend it easily. Also, it doesn’t smell like anything at all, pure organic I must say.

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Watch my vlog review about this product:

For more information, inquiries and orders, like and follow them on facebook and instagram. Get a 20% discount by using my code “SPHVIN



Causes and Solutions for Women’s Hair Loss

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology majority of people lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day and up to 300 strands while washing it. But that doesn’t mean you should pause from washing it, it’s a normal thing.

There are other reasons why we lose a ton of strands of hair quickly. It can be because it was passed on by genes, health or medical conditions and others like:

  • Thyroid Problems
    If your thyroid makes too little or too much hormone, it may affect the cycle of your hair growth.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
    When you have PCOS your body produces more androgen (male hormones) than it should. This causes your hair to become thin and get lose.
  • Pregnancy
    Your preggy high leveled hormone keep the locks a bit loosen than the norm. But it comes back after a year or so.
  • Cancer Treatment
    Chemo and radiation therapy can harm hair follicles and  set off a huge amount of hair loss but once your done with the treatment your hair grows back.
  • Severe Emotional Distress
    Physical and emotional stress can cause us to a dramatic hair loss.

These are just some of the factors that can cause hair loss. There are more if you ask an expert.

Prevent Hair Loss

We can’t really stop our hair from falling out but we can prevent loosing large amount of hair by trying these steps:

  • Use hair growth products
    But remember that it is better to use organic or a trust-worthy hair care products.
  • Massage your scalp
    Use oils to calm your scalp. Much better if you will use an essential oil.
  • Stop using hair tools that involves high heat
    Using hair iron and curlers can damage your hair, which causes hair loss.
  • Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hairline, use an alternative.
    Instead of going wild with your hairstyles, consider wearing a weave/wig like the latest trend – Box Braids
  • Consult a doctor
    It’s safer if you’ll visit an expert to know your hair/scalp issue.

I hope these new info and tips are a big help to all of you Sweeties. Have a gorgeous day!

*Not a sponsored post.
*Own thoughts and opinions are written here.
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