This portfolio showcases various projects created throughout her career.


Here’s a collection of imagery that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic made for different clients.

Logo Design

These logos were created with consideration – branding, target market & client’s request.

Social Media Graphics

V have been working as a freelancer graphic designer since 2014 and here are samples of social media graphics that were for her previous clients.

These were made for their business’ social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Marketing Collateral

Since V graduated on year 2013, She worked alongside her parents. She became the family business’ official graphic artist and production staff, but that didn’t affect her work ethics and other freelance and full time office job.

Here’s a collection of marketing collateral that were made while working with EV Production & Events (former EV Music Production) and other clients and office job.

Web Design

V believes that as a visual designer, she should be flexible. A visual designer should be able to create materials that your [possible] clients need.

So she did some self study and taught myself skills that weren’t taught in school.

This is a collection of website design projects she did, each in one day at LSM BPO for their clients.

Print Media

From calling card to envelope signatures, she definitely did that.

She also has flyers, brochures, booklets, catalogs, tarpaulins, posters and more printed media.

V also made CD Covers that was published, distributed and sold by Synergy Music. The designs might not look pleasing for others but as per client request, she has to adjust and create what the client wants – it happens all the time.

User Interface and Experience Design

V made these designs for a Chinese company as a freelance graphic designer.

It’s for a mobile dating application.

This was the first time she created such project. It was challenging but fun.

Image Restoration

One of the basic skills that a visual designer has to have is a good skill in image restoration.

Here are few samples V made long before she started designing marketing collateral.

Video Production

Working with LSM BPO, V experienced working under pressure. They wanted her to create an advertising video overnight and here are the videos she managed to finish. V Made each video in one day plus another day for revision. Good thing she didn’t need to write the script too. Not complaining, she just want you to know that with basic knowledge and passion for learning and excelling, reaching your goal and completing your mission is possible.

She expressed how thankful she was for these projects. The client liked it. This was made in year 2016.

Video Editing


Social Media Management

Current and Former Clients