Mood Changer Mask

When you’re a single mom who works a lot and at the same time runs too much errand in one day, you’ll need to somehow pamper yourself to relax and change into this mood where there’s no trace of being tired at all.. Well, here’s one of my […]

Bloggo PH x Symply G: How I Take Care Of My Hair

The name of the products itself briefly describe what it is or what it does. I must say that this is the cheapest and easiest way to treat your hair right. Imagine using their keratin-infused shampoo you’ll get extraordinarily soft and smooth hair fast, together with their conditioner that gives deep conditioning to your hair to get an amazing soft and shiny hair. Like, you’ll regret those days you went to the salon and pay so much just to have your hair as smooth and as silky as Symply G’s products do.