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Benefits of M2 Concentrated Tea Drink

Have you ever heard of M2 concentrated tea drink? Nature Earth sent me some of their products, and one of those are these M2 concentrated tea drink. Curious lady that I am, I researched about the drink and I will proudly share the important benefits of the drink […]

ShEats: Lord of the Ribs

Hey Sweeties! Here’s a delicious content for you. On March 3, me and my best-friend, Mona, went to The Yard Street Food Cinema at Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The Yard is a food park that doesn’t only serve food but also entertainment. By the name itself, ‘Cinema’, they […]

Tea Time: Or Tea? | Chinese Tea

Another day, another tea! So, I found this adorable pack of tea in our kitchen and c’mon, I know you agreed when you read “adorable pack”, right? It’s eye-catching..   Anw, I have here one of Or Tea’s UrbanPop Series, the Merry Peppermint Flavour that has 75g of […]