A Mermaid’s Tale

The Story Behind Mermaid Island

A thought crossed over the mind of a known beauty and lifestyle blogger, Via Tancuan on September 2017 as she was sporting her bold colored hair. She noticed that her hair color is fading fast whenever she uses a regular commercial shampoo. She wondered if there’s an available shampoo in the market that is gentle for treated and dyed hair. Via searched and learned that there are available shampoo that does what she’s looking for but it all cost relatively high.

Creator, Via Tancuan

The idea popped in her mind again in May 2018, after getting married and was then pregnant. She realized that she needed to use cosmetics and skin care products that are healthy and safe; she needed an alternative.

Aside from color-friendly hair creams, she went searching for face powders and eye makeup that are safe for pregnant and lactating women. Knowing that it’s not only her who might be experiencing the same kind of sentiments, she started attending courses to learn more about the craft and science of mineral cosmetics and organic skin care.

Hence, Mermaid Island finally came to shore.

What is Mermaid Island?

Mermaid Island is a local brand of an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. It was inspired by the carefree yet fancy, bold yet mysterious, undiscovered yet mesmerizing world of mermaids.

The underwater concept is supposed to be easily relatable since most girls of all ages have once watched Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid or Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel which are often depicted as calm, friendly, beautiful, unyielding, too excited to walk to be on land.

You’ll see how each product name is carefully thought of, as well as its variants. For one, Beach Perfect (Lip and Lid Cheek Clay Stain) is inspired by the musical “Pitch Perfect”.

Beach Perfect Collection, Image from their FB Page

All of its shades are named after songs too, with a touch of anything related to island life, sea, summer, and creatures of the ocean. For example, Tropic Like It’s Hot (reminiscent of Drop it Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg ), and Reef I Were A Boy (If I Were a Boy by Beyonce Knowles).

Swatch Image from their FB Page

Mermaid Island recently launched a few skin care products for men, including shampoo bars, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizers.

Their Advocacy:

Mermaid Island promotes self-love by encouraging makeup fans to invest in their natural health. The brand only uses certified all organic and natural raw ingredients to ensure that women can enjoy good and quality cosmetics that are safe (even for teens, pregnant, and lactating women), effective, and environmentally friendly.

The Clam Squad behind the makeup line’s goal is to inspire all women by being confident and finding beauty in enhancing their own skin through the use of natural products. For them, choosing healthier options is like ‘outswimming’ – winning a race to uphold a good cause.

Mermaid Island plans to create a shrimpact by providing quality, affordable, and unintimidating beauty that will dolphinetly complement their clients’ ever dynamic lifestyle.

Each product is carefully handcrafted with love and mermaid magic – Mermaid Island swears by a motto, “Beauty that outswims, outstands.”

For more information follow them at:

For inquiries you can contact them at mermaidislandph@gmail.com
0956 249 5365

Where to find the perfect pads?

Here is another helpful (I hope) review for all the ladies out there.

I ‘ve been looking for the perfect brand of pad to use everyday. I’ve tried a lot of brands of cotton and non-cotton pads, but my genital is sensitive (like all of the humans) and I can’t risk trying out different pads all the time. One day I ran out of pads and luckily we’re at my brother’s house and my sister-in-law has a stock of brand new pads. So, I tried it, and honestly I’ve never felt so calm and comfortable.

At the end of the day, I needed to change my panty liner and I was shocked. There were green vaginal discharge and I got scared, so I googled it and I googled the brand. After googling I learned that I shouldn’t be worried because it’s normal. I also learned that K-Pads helps us remove the unwanted blood and other bad toxins in our body. K-Pads is the first anti-dysmenorrhea napkin which has an ion capabilities.

The embedded negative ion strip can increase energy, enhance immunity, regulate, lessen heavy periods, balance hormones, mood and kill bacteria causing odor.

It also has 8 layers in order to prevent any leakage during heavy menstrual period.

What I love about this brand is that it comes with a Vaginal Health Self-Test Card, which you can use to check how healthy you are by testing your vaginal discharge. Isn’t that Amazing?

K-Pads’ performance is awesome. Besides the fact that it has a cooling effect when you wear it. It has a lot of benefits.

The benefits are as follows:

  • It cleanses our ovaries which is a big help to those women who wants to get pregnant.
  • It helps maintain clean and comfortable late.
  • It helps reduce irritation and remove odor .
  • It helps accelerate oxygen circulation between the private part.
  • It helps release negative ions up to 6100/cm3.

It is said that it can sure:

  • UTI
  • Myoma
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Vaginal Odor
  • Inflammation
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Endometriosis
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Viral and Bacterial Infection

They have 3 kinds of pads; Day pads, Night pads and Panty Liners

You can buy one of these pads from All Spice Shop.

Watch my Vlog about this at https://youtu.be/plAph9TkniM

Why should you let Brow Code take care of you? (brows, lashes and more)

If you’re a ‘kilay is life’ type of person you’d definitely want your brows fixed and done by Brow Code. Brow Code is a brow studio that is owned and managed by an International trained artist, Ox Ballado and co-owned by his beautiful wife Kim Ballado.

Owners of Brow Code, Mr. Ox Ballado and Mrs. Kim Ballado

Brow Code is one of the top microblading studio, and we saw why; their technique isn’t like the usual. As others shapes the brows with lines, angles and equally measured, Brow Code does the free-hand technique sophistically. You may think, ‘how sure are they that both brows have the same measure?’, well, they definitely are very much certain that your brows are twinsies. Imagine, the artists that’s defining your brows are very well trained by the best of the bests, the God of Microblading himself, David Zhang (David Brow Art). Who wouldn’t trust them? Brow Code gave all of their customers great results and got the most honest positive feedbacks.

Witnessing their services in person is like watching a 4D version of a Transformers movie, and you can’t beat the details of the transformation on that movie. LOL. Not to hype you and all, but it’s really good. You must see it to believe it, I guess. So, try it! *wink* *wink* See what I did there. *winks awkwardly* LOL

Brow Code’s main service is Microblading. They offer services like glutathione drip and push, Lash Lift, and many more (see flyers below).

Members of Content Creators Philippines
Members of Content Creators Philippines

Some of the guests at their pre-launching last February 3 experienced their service first-hand, and I heard lovely feedbacks from them.

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. It is said that it contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to important cellular components in your body. The gold liquid is the secret to looking bright and fresh. It also serves as a a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system.

The people who happily tried Brow Code’s Glutathione services want to do it again. They said it didn’t hurt much and that it feels great. They are also aiming for its side effect, which is the lightening of skin. Brow Code has 3 types of gluta services;

  1. Gluta Drip
  2. Snow White
  3. IV Push
Content Creators @jay.pud @trixpequena @mjiddaro

If you don’t know the benefits of Glutathione here are some:

  • Powerful anti-aging formula
  • May aid in the progression of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Prevents renal oxidative stress.
  • May improve psoriasis.
  • Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Improves insulin resistance in older individuals.
  • Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease.
  • May help fight against autoimmune disease.
  • May reduce oxidative damage in children with autism, and more.


One of the content creators, Ms. Sabrina tried the Lash Lift service. They have two kinds — lash lift only and the other one is lash lift with color tint/mascara. Ms. Sab tried the lash lift only procedure and we, including her loved the result. It looked pretty natural, and seeing the result makes me want to try it some other time.


I, myself let Brow Code transform me into a formal looking host before the event started. I was about to do my own look but I realized I needed help, and it was a great decision. The hair and makeup session was fast yet the result is nicely done. Super thankful! They are indeed good at it.

Ms. Yang and Ms. Sab tried it too. Just a light makeup look but they still looked fab! Brow Code definitely knows how to transform you into whatever event you’re attending to next.


I have witnessed their GBT sessions twice already. It takes up to 2-3 hours but it’s indeed worth the wait.

Model, Ms. Yang De Castro

I love the results, made me want to try it too. It looks very natural with those hair-like strokes. It’s super lovely. Their customers keep referring their family and friends because Brow Code doesn’t disappoint.

To know more about GBT and other services visit their facebook page or their instagram profile. If you’re interested to try their services book an appointment, call them at +63 917 860 9923

#BrowsBeforeBeaus #browcodeph

Remove pain naturally with Precious Herbal Pillow

On my last minute Christmas shopping I came accross Precious Herbal Pillow at SM North Annex. I saw their products and was curious about it. So I kept asking the sales lady about each products before buying it.

This pillow is one of the products I purchased as a gift for my Hubby. They claimed that their pillows remove pain naturally.

It can be used for both hot and cold therapy.

It is suggested to be used as a hot therapy for muscle pains, stiffness, nervous tension, cramps, arthritis, influenza, colds, asthma, colic, blisters and stress/fatigue. What you have to do is to just heat it up on high 1 minute or 2. Never heat it up for more than 2 minutes. Don’t forget to place a cup of half full water beside it on the microve to avoid overheating it. You can use it as a hot compress for about 30-50 minutes.

You can also steam it, but before steaming it, make sure that you put it in a ziplock or any plastic that is well sealed and wrap a cloth on it. When heated, they said, the pillow produces a slight steaming action and permeates your skin more quickly than dry heat which results in immediate relief of aching joints and muscles.

If you put the pillow inside a well sealed plastic and let it stay for 2 hours or overnight in the freezer you can use it as a cold therapy for sprains, bumps and bruises, inflamed muscles, strains, migraine, headache, tootache, nose bleed, gout and sport injuries.


I use it as a hot therapy for my mentrual cramps and I’m loving it. The smell is very calming and relaxing. It doesn’t burn, and it’s really effective.

What’s inside are all organic – cassia seeds, ginger, cinnamon, lemon grass, lavender and pepper mint.

They claimed that it improves blood circulation, helps relax tired muscles and relieves tension. They also said that it’s effective for gout, high blood pressure, itching, insomia, and rheumatism.

They have different types of herbal pillow to help you relieve the pain and it’s amazing! To know more about their products visit www.preciouspillow.com

This mask lightens skin in just 3 days!

I am not new to whitening and anti-acne products, in fact, I have used countless products to whiten different parts of my body and to make my face acne free. I was bowled over a discovery that there is a product that can lighten your skin and can lessen breakouts at the same time. It amazed me more when I saw the results.

Last July, I received a parcel from an online shop named Chrizea Skin. They sent me their famous Wonder Bleach: Whitening Face & Body Mask.

Chrizea (1)

Chrizea Skin’s 300 grams of Wonder Bleach contains Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Mulberry, and AHA.

It’s easy to use. First, wash your body with water or with any soap you love to use, and then you apply Wonder Bleach on your skin (whatever part you want to lighten like underarm, elbow, face, etc.), then let it sit for 30 minutes – one hour. While applying it you will feel some micro-beads that you can use as a scrub. It’s feels like you just poured a yogurt on your skin – a fruit-scented yogurt. You should know that the mask dries up fast, and can be messy.

After leaving it on your skin, rinse the area or just take a bath to wash it all off, then you’re done. You will see a difference after 3 consecutive days of using it. Don’t worry about your skin getting burned, because Wonder Bleach contains natural ingredients thus making it not harsh on the skin.

Before Chrizea

I noticed that it really made my skin lighter after 3 days and it lessen my acne, so I continued using it. After 2 weeks of using Chrizea, I just can’t believe the result.


The mask didn’t make my face itchy nor have I had a breakout during (and after) using it.

I love that the product proved their tag line right – “Whitens skin in just 3 days!”. The fact that it contains natural ingredient is stupendous. That just means it is safe for different skin types. What makes it awesome is that the mask retails for 319 pesos only. Can you believe that? It’s safe and effective. Need I say more?

For orders and inquiries, visit Chrizea Skin’s facebook page.

Tried Another Skin Care Routine To Get Rid Of My Acnes

You’ve seen the other skincare products that I’ve used for the past months. I skipped August because I didn’t want to worsen my acne problems before my wedding day. Right after the wedding which was held on August 18, I was busy with moving out of my parents’ house and moving into my husband’s house. After days of cleaning and adjusting I continued trying out new skincare products.

DISCLAIMER : What works for my skin might not work for yours and vice versa. Please do a skin test for 24 hours especially if you have a sensitive skin before using any products just to make sure that it would not harm your skin. For irritated skin and allergic reactions, consult an expert.

I used these items for the whole month of September once a day every afternoon, after my son’s class.

First, I wash my face using water only then I cleanse my face using Tomatox Foaming Cleanser by Skinwerx Essentials to remove the excess dirt (those dirt that went deep into my skin). I love its smell so much that I wanted to leave it on my face like a toner LOL You can tell that it works really well after a a week of using it because it makes your face smooth and soft.

Anyway, I left it for 2-3 minutes then I wash it off with water only and then I mix water, Bentonite Clay Mask (also from Skinwerx) and 3 drops of Bath & Blends‘ Argan oil all together. After that, I’ll cover my face with the mask and leave it on for 30 minutes or more (until it’s completely dried).

This mix is gold! Why? The Argan Oil itself can help you lessen the breakout and it also makes your skin soft and smooth. It smells nice, very natural, I like it. Mixing it with an effective mask that can lighten your dark spots and also lessen breakouts is a great way because it’ll make the process faster and more effective.

When the mask is already dry I just wash it with water and Bath & Blends’ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap to deeply clean my skin, which I love because of it’s lightening effect and its deep cleansing feature. It’s all natural and not harmful to any types of skin.

I air dry my face and put on Tomatox AHA Serum from Skinwerx Essentials on my face to give me that pinkish glow and smoother and softer skin. I also use Bath & Blends’ Lashes & Brows Grower to make my lashes thicker and longer. Then I’ll just leave both on until evening.

Overall, I love that it lessen the breakouts and it didn’t itch nor gave me an allergic reaction.


Anyway, I am super thankful for these products for helping me out, especially to the brand representatives/owners for trusting me and for being patient.

In addition to that, I am happy to announce that I’ll be having a skincare giveaway soon, just to let you Sweeties try out the same (or more) products that I have used and reviewed here on my blog and also on my video blogs.

For orders and inquiries, visit their facebook pages; Skinwerx Essentials & Bath & Blends and follow them on instagram; @skinwerxmain & @bathandblendsph.

Acne Be Gone : Skin Correct PH

I am back and I know this is a late post, but heck, still sharing it! This time I’ll share my skin care routine for the month of July 2018. My skin [face] literally breaks out easily, like hella quick. I can have a smooth face like a baby’s skin today and have an acne party on my face the next day. Especially when the time of the month is near, like 1 week near. So, skin care is becoming an important part of my day-to-day life.

DISCLAIMER : What works for my skin might not work for yours and vice versa. Please do a skin test for 24 hours especially if you have a sensitive skin before using any products just to make sure that it would not harm your skin. For irritated skin and allergic reactions, consult an expert.

Good thing Skin Correct PH sent some of their products to help me with this rapid acne problem. Skin Correct PH was founded by a team of dermatologists that, according to them “provide you with quality cosmetics- Those that contain Clinical Grade ingredients”. They claimed that their products are “researched, transparent, skin-tested, parabens, color, pthalates, zinc and scent (artifical scents in particular) free to give you the best and safest skin care.” Sounds promising right? Well, you can test it for yourself.

Here’s how I use their products, and my thoughts about the product:

Skin Correct PH’s products weighs 125ml and for me is worth their prices. It’s big enough to last up to 3 months if you’ll use it once a day. You don’t really need a big amount of the products to put on your face.

Acne Clarifying Solution – P270

This product was made for acne prone, like me. It serves as a toner and a quick fix for oily skin. It lightened my dark spots and improved my skin texture. This solution also deeply cleanse your pores and helps lessen the oiliness.

My skin didn’t react poorly on this one. I did not experience any irritation or itchiness.

Acne Clarifying Wash – P300

May I remind you all to close your mouth while washing your face with anything. Since Skin Correct PH’s products are flavorless don’t expect a fruity taste. LOL But it’s okay, it’s effective. What matters is the performance of the products, and you should not worry because Skin Correct PH doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

I love how quick this facial wash dried up my pimples. It also helped lighten my dark spots, which is so cool! I love using this after a long dirty and tiring day because it relaxes me when I look in the mirror and see my pores clean like pollution doesn’t exist in the city.

Skin Correct (6)

Gentle Cleanse – P300

This product is claimed to be for Dry, Irritated Skin, Sensitive Skin and Eczema Conditions, and is “a mild, irritant-free and soap-free cleanser that retains moisture”. I use it to wipe my make up off, and sometimes I use it just to clean my face and rinse it with the facial wash. After rinsing, it gives me a smooth and itch free skin.

I tried to use it after my face got so itchy after eating a chicken (cos your girl is allergic to that delicious food), and swiftly reduced that prickly feeling.

Emollient Cream – P350

The emollient cream gave me a smoother skin. Thanks Skin Correct PH!

This product is not sticky, it’s creamy and is easy to spread. A pea size pump is enough to cover the whole face. Imagine that? It moisturizes your skin and relaxes any irritated skin.

Skin Correct (7)


I dig the whole look of Skin Correct’s packaging. It has a minimal look but still a head turner. It looks clean and I stan it! The nozzles are made out of hard plastic and it doesn’t break easily. The whole body of the product is also made out plastic but a bit softer but durable.


Overall, I like this product and I just want to say that it is indeed effective. No harmful chemicals are added which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.


I wish more brand owners focus on the products’ potential other than the look, flavor and scent. Hands down on this brand!

For orders and inquiries please visit their facebook page and instagram page.

Looking Good is Not Enough

As the day goes by, with the humid and polluted air, we wish to look good at the end of the day. We put a lot of effort into looking good, but sometimes we forget that looking good isn’t enough.

We can stay clean while working (or doing something) by washing our hands (or any parts of the body), brushing our teeth and changing our clothes or wiping the stains on it. But we can’t really achieve that “fresh” look if we are ill-scented, just like the Filipino phrase “Gabi na amoy araw ka pa rin”.

There’s always a product that can save you from those kinds of moments — the Perfume Desserts. Perfume Desserts are Eau de Parfum that is made in London. What is Eau de Parfum? It contains up to 20% pure perfume essence and oil concentration up to 30%, and lasts for at least 8 hours.

They have 4 available refreshing scents – Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, Sakura, Peach Bourbon Popsicles, and Cucumber Melon Cooler. From the scents names and the packaging you’ll get an idea how it will smell like. The packaging is really lovely. A tall and sleek bottle is inserted in a carton cylinder that has this cute design that shows the scents’ contents and how it should smell like.

What I like the most is that it smells so good I’m addicted. I love Sakura’s sweet and sexy smell. It lasts longer than I expect it to, which is really great. Black Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream, on the other hand, for me, smells a bit stronger than Sakura. It’s a bit masculine yet a good perfhme for any genders.

I can guarantee that Perfume Dessert will definitely add that good smell to make you look and feel fresh all day!