Survive PMS days

Are you tired of getting annoyed by mood swings and other PMS struggles? Get through it with the first ever monthly period subscription service in the Philippines, the Happy Days Box.

Every month you’ll get a box full of stuff you’ll need to feel better when you’re having PMS. PMS sucks but by joining Happy Days Club, your red days will be stress-free. Watch the video below to know what I got from their trial box.

Forgot to buy new pads? They got you! Want sweets? Just check the box, they sure have something to end that craving. Tea, Skin care and many more surprises for the ladies.

Guys, avoid the small fight and subscribe for your ladies too for as low as 749 pesos.

Get rid of the mood swings with these 3 steps;

  1. Choose a plan that suits your budget.
  2. Fill out a quick profile.
  3. Check & wait for the delivery.

For more information visit their website, and follow them on facebook and instagram.

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Benefits of M2 Concentrated Tea Drink

Have you ever heard of M2 concentrated tea drink? Nature Earth sent me some of their products, and one of those are these M2 concentrated tea drink. Curious lady that I am, I researched about the drink and I will proudly share the important benefits of the drink based on what I researched and the details I got from Nature Earth.

We can easily determine its benefits just by reading the ingredients and the contents written on the bottle itself, but still, here’s my impression…

Benefits of M2 Concentrated Tea Drink

m2 (14)

Delicious breastfeeding diet for pregnant and nursing moms
Breastfeeding is very essential and beneficial for both mothers and babies, but on the other hand, requires a lot or work and tiresome. In order to keep adequate supply of breast milk, it is important for mothers to always stay hydrated. It means that nursing mothers need to drink a lot of liquid each day. But of course, mothers should be aware about the nutrition she’ll get from what she intakes to make sure quality milk is being produced for her baby. Don’t get me wrong, water is good, but it lacks nutritional content. M2 concentrated tea drink is considered as a suitable diet for breastfeeding mothers. Malunggay, okra and ginger are known low calorie vegetables which are great sources of calcium and healthy antioxidants for both mothers and babies.

Healthy source of nutrients for everyone
NatureEarth created M2 concentrated tea drink in 2011. It’s main ingredients are malunggay, okra and ginger. M2 provides us with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and although it is proven helpful in increasing the milk supply of nursing moms it is not made only for the breastfeeding moms or pregnant women. M2 can also be an alternate diet for health conscious people.

How to prepare M2 Malunggay

For more information about the product and other updates, please follow them on Facebook and visit their website. This refreshing healthy tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls.

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Nature Earth’s Healthy Products

2 weeks ago I received a package from Nature Earth and here are the healthy products that I got from them.

I got 3 300ml bottles of M2 Concentrated Tea Drink and 2 packs of Kamote Chips with different flavors — Plain & Cheese Flavor

This is my first time trying out malunggay, okra & ginger together.. I thought the taste will come out as bitter with a little spice in it, I also thought the ginger will overpower the whole tea but I was wrong. Didn’t really expect it to be sweet and delicious, I am shookt… and I must say, it taste so good. What I love about M2 tea are its benefits for everyone especially for lactating mothers.

Also, thank you so much Nature Earth for sending me the Kamote Chips. OMG! I’m obsessed with potato chips and kamote is way better.. I like the cheese flavor more because (obviously) it has more flavoring that’s not loathsome. Oh, and the crispiness is consistent I left almost half full inside the fridge to check how long the crispiness will last, but since I can’t wait too long I ate it after 5days and it’s still crispy.

If y’all want to know more about their products, follow Naturearth & M2 Lactation Club on facebook and visit their website.

This refreshing healthy tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls.

Thanks for reading this post! Please do check my site for the Benefits of M2 Concentrated Tea Drink.

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Tips on Buying a New and Used Car

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Buying a new car is a pressure especially if you’re not really an enthusiast. There are loads of different shops, brands and models to choose from, but what’s really important is the quality and the performance of the car itself. I have made a list of things you should consider in buying a new and used car. It depends on your situation or goal. If you’re a family man/woman who is looking into getting a car, you have to decide which type of car you want. There are several types of cars.


  • Compact sedan

If you have a small family, I recommend compact sedan. Why? For starters it has enough trunk space. It is lighter yet reliable compared to other types of cars.

  • Sedan

If you want something bigger than a compact sedan with a bigger trunk space and a wider space, go for sedan, you’ll just add few bucks.

  • Super sedan

Super sedan is a large sedan and more expensive than the 2 other kinds of sedan. It consumes a lot of fuel.


  • Mini hatchback

Mini hatchback is a really small kind of hatchback, and is not recommended for a family man/woman. It fits more to single people.

  • Hatchback

Hatchback is much like a smaller sedan, and doesn’t have a big trunk space. But if you’re not a heavy packer, this type of car is for you. Also, it looks more sporty than a sedan.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

  • Compact SUV

This is more expensive than sedan and hatchback because it is larger and more powerful. It can carry big family and has a big room for any thing.

  • SUV

This one is bigger than compact sedan, more powerful and consumes a lot of fuel. This is recommended to people who are not on a tight budget.

Pick up Truck


This type of car is ideal for travellers, for people who loads a lot of items/furnitures. This is a very powerful vehicle and an expensive one too.


Van is recommended for people who has a big family. It is also used for rentals, another way to get your money back. This car is the biggest among all the types of car.

Buying a second hand car is different from buying a new car, because there are few things you have to consider unlike new cars you don’t have to check if there’s issue. Also, second hand cars are cheaper but that doesn’t mean it performs nicely and neatly like the new ones. You have to pick carefully. So, here are the things you should consider in buying a used car.


First, check if the cars has been in an accident. It’s either you ask the seller, if he’s honest you’re in luck but if not, you got to knock all of the panels of the car, it should sound like a hollow can-like material with an echo-like. If it doesn’t have that sound, then it must have been fixed before. Minor fixes on the body are fine, but if it’s been in a total wreck, it’s no good because the chassi is already unproportioned.


Look under the hood and check if it has oil leaks. See if the valve cover is leaking, if it doesn’t have any leaks check if it has any oil stains. If it has oil stains it means it has a leak. Next, check the break, the pipes, the coppers, and the rubbers for fluid leaks.

Other things to consider

Check if the AC is working properly because this one is a big problem and will be an expensive one to repair. The under chassi problems will be detected during the test drive. If you hear a thump that sounds like a loose screw when you drive on a speed bump that means there is something wrong with your under chassi, that means you have to call a professional.

Buying a used car is recommended for car enthusiasts and people who are highly knowledgeable about cars.

If you don’t know anything about cars, find someone who knows a lot about it and ask them about what fits you and your prefereces or bring them with you.

Hope this helps. Let me know what type of car you’re eye-ing for. To know more about cars click here.

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“Help One, Help All” Fundraisers’ Support Session on April 7 in QC


Hello Help Manila invites cause-oriented groups and individuals to attend “Help One, Help All”, a fundraiser’s support session on Saturday, April 7, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at the Environmental Science Institute (ESI) of Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

This event is ideal for fundraising and special projects officers of non-profit organizations as well as individuals with personal causes looking to improve fundraising strategies. Special guest speaker, Ms. Jasmine Ong, Former Fundraising Manager of the Philippine office of an international nonprofit, will be sharing her experience and knowledge in fundraising and answer questions and give advise regarding this all important element of non-profit work.  

“As fundraisers, we need to financially sustain the organization we support. Unfortunately, only few have access to or have the means to hire professional help.” said Lei Acosta, founder of Hello Help Manila, an organization that helps promote fundraising projects and events by individuals and organizations in the country. “With this first Fundraisers’ Support Session, we can get together, talk about lessons learned, and get opinions and best practices from those who are more experienced in raising funds.”

Fundraising Event Consultation is also available for free, onsite.

“Help One, Help All” session fee is Php250 and registration is available online via: For more information, please contact:  Also, Check out Hello Help Manila on facebook.

Vivo unveils the all-new ‘V9’ AI-powered FullView™ display smartphone in the Philippines

    Global smartphone brand Vivo has revealed its all-new sleek and stylish V9 flagship unit at the City of Dreams Manila in a summer-themed unveiling that was attended by over 200 members of the press and other guests.

Vivo welcomed its guests late Thursday afternoon at the Wave, a contemporary poolside deck, restaurant, and bar so they can experience the V9 and take selfies and photos with the sunset as their backdrop. Vivo then picked one lucky and creative photo posted on Instagram to win a V9 unit.

Vivo executives led by Brand Director Annie Lim answered some of the questions of the media during the V9 press launch.

The program continued at the City of Dreams Grand Ballroom with Myx VJ Ai dela Cruz as the host. They were formally welcomed by Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim who recapped the smartphone company’s feats in the Philippines. Since it entered the Philippine market in 2016, Vivo has been steadily rising to become the country’s top three brand with over 5,200 stores and 1.5 million users nationwide.

Vivo’s Jomari Morales followed Lim’s remarks by presenting all the goods on the V9. She highlighted the Vivo V9’s 90% screen-to-body ratio, the 24-megapixel selfie camera and 16MP+5MP dual read camera, and the AI-powered photography for a “perfect view” and a “perfect shot.”

Morales also presented the Vivo V9’s improved game mode that would enable users to take calls or open other apps without pausing the gaming applications or play without any interruptions.

After her presentation, Vivo’s Junior Brand Manager Christian Jocson revealed that anyone can enjoy a V9 for a “perfect” price of Php17,990 with pre-orders beginning on March 26 until April 2.

Lim, Morales, Jocson, and Xian Gana from Vivo then answered the media’s questions during the Q&A. Their exchanges were focused on the Vivo’s plans in the Philippines and the V9’s capabilities.

Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim acknowledged the smartphone brand’s partners, Ayala
Malls and SM Supermalls, during the launch of the V9.

    Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim acknowledged the smartphone brand’s partners, Ayala Malls and SM Supermalls, during the launch of the V9.

Vivo partners, Ayala Malls and SM Supermalls, were also recognized during the event during the ceremonial exchange of tokens. Lim handed the malls’ representatives with a Little V doll.

Fresh faces of Vivo
Vivo also welcomed its newest endorsers, up-and-coming actors Edward Barber and Ivan Dorschner.

Barber is the onscreen partner of young actress Maymay Entrata who also joined the event. Entrata was the first who joined Vivo in September 2017 during the launch of the V7+. His endorsement deal with Vivo is something MayWard fans have been patiently waiting for since the pair already worked together for the smartphone brand during their first Making Mega shoot in Germany last year.

Dorschner, meanwhile, charmed the press with his good looks and charisma. He was one of Kuya’s guests in Pinoy Big Brother in 2010. Since then, he became one of GMA Network’s top leading men after starring alongside young actress and fellow Vivo endorser Barbie Forteza in the primetime series “Meant To Be.”

Aside from the launch of the new flagship smartphone V9,Vivo also introduced its
newest endorsers, Ivan Dorschner and Edward Barber.

    Barber, Entrata, and Dorschner also picked three lucky winners of the Vivo V9 during the raffle. They also joined the Vivo executives for a toast for the V9. Also with them onstage were other Vivo endorsers young pop soul singer Sassa Dagdag, acoustic singer-songwriter TJ Monterde, and balladeer Jason James Dy who closed the night with their performances.

About Vivo
A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.


IPL Laser Hair Removal | ClearSkin Derma

    Hey Sweeties! I got invited to be one of the few people to experience a Free Premium Treatment at ClearSkin Advanced Dermatology and Laser Center last Friday was their opening, March 16th. ClearSkin is located at 26 V. Luna Avenue Brgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City.


    I visited the place and tried their services with other Content Creators. In the morning, ClearSkin held a mini press conference with the dermatologists-Dr. Rainier Nery Mozo (Chief Medical Director, Clearbridge Health Philippines), Dra. Phoebe San Diego-Tajanlangit (Head Dermatologist, ClearSkin ADLC), Dra. Katherine Mae Tan (In-house Physician, ClearSkin ADLC), and the ambassadors Thessa Cadiz, Cathreen Trigo, Nico Fowler, Arvic Tan and Chef Gerick Manalo.

    After the press con we went on with proper opening, ribbon cutting, blessing and treatments.

About ClearSkin

    ClearSkin is formed by the best skin care professionals and dermatologists in the industry. The goal of ClearSkin is to make people look and feel beautiful, and on the other hand be comfortable with their own skin without spending too much. They offer tons of affordable (compared to other Derma Clinics) services such as Facial Treatments, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Chemical Peels, Opera LED Mask, IPL Laser Treatments, Diamond Peeling, Mole Removal, Micro Needling and a whole lot more.

Right now, until the end of the month they are on sale. Their special introductory price is 30% off on all services.

The clinic looks small outside, but when you’re inside it has like 4-6 rooms and a nice restroom. The lobby/reception area is nice, cozy and comfy.

Staff & Crew
Everyone greets you with a pleasing smile. The staff is approachable, friendly and jolly. They are very accommodating and makes sure that you’re alright before, during and after your treatment.

Over all experience
I chose to avail the IPL Laser Underarm Treatment, and I can say that my experience is great. It was my first time to do it and I was nervous at that time, but the crew made me less nervous by talking to me and telling me what they’ll do and what will happen during and after the treatment.

    I thought it would hurt a lot but I was wrong. It’s not painless but the pain is tolerable. First, the crew cleaned my underarm, put on a gel cream (a gel cream like what the doctors put on pregnant woman’s tummy before performing an ultra sound), and then head over on to shoot my underarm with the Alpha Lucien’s Multi functional Intense Pulse Light (IPL). I felt a sting like ant bites on my right underarm. On my left underarm, the sting is more intense but still tolerable. IPL Treatment for underarm originally costs 1,200 PhP per session, but if you’ll make an appointment with them on of before the end of March, you can avail it at 840 PhP only.

    To know more, follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Clearskin is open every Tuesdays thru Sundays at 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM. To book an appointment with them, contact +63 908 144 7773.

    Join my giveaway! I’ll be choosing 3 winners via live raffle on my page, on April 6. To join, just follow these steps.

Giveaway Mechanics:
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4. Comment “Done” on the photo.

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The Natural Way to Feel More Empowered As a Woman

    Gone are the days when the “male chauvinist”society had women as far inferior as men—very dependent and submissive to whatever the latter commanded. Women today are not just regarded as homemakers, but nation-builders as well. Beyond the confines of their houses, they, too, can make a big difference––be it in the economic, social or political arena.

    From being a household queen to boardroom’s rockstar, women run on very hectic and active schedules everyday. So imagine the strength they have to withstand the daily grinds, not to mention the stress and pressure they have to endure just to fulfill the duties bestowed upon them.

     Nevertheless, they’re no “Wonder Woman” at all, nor our very own heroine “Darna” so as not to feel exhausted and tired from chores or work. They’re also humans, who need to pause for a break from being the jack-of- all-trades.

     This March—declared as International Women’s Month—is the best time to celebrate their power and influence with the gift of beauty and wellness that they truly deserve. What a better way to have it than a rosy, bouncy and shiny hair to begin with.


     Because it is the mane that a person is mainly looked upon, it’s a conscious effort for everyone, especially women, to make it pleasant to gaze at. So a regular bottled shampoo and conditioner, plus treatment are, more often than not, the solutions to turn to, regardless of the bad effects they may cause.

     Some of the harmful chemicals they contain are too much to handle, especially by as fragile as a hair follicle. Their main damage being mane breakage is hard to manage. Tricky it is to treat the resulting stress that’s less weak and elastic. Though negligible, other repercussions—allergic reaction and scalp irritation—also need keen attention and urgent solution.


     Where else do women usually turn to for remedy than a beauty salon. After a pampering sesh, they may opt to avail any of their formulated solution for upkeep. For optimum results, it’s best to combine it with NOVUHAIR 3-in- 1 pack to promote robust locks and scalp.

     NOVUHAIR is the only tress growth product in the market containing 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients working synergistically to help remedy mane problems from growth to vanishing. It deeply penetrates to help rejuvenate, nourish, maintain moisture in the scalp and hair, and
improve the overall appearance of the tress. Lastly, it’s an effective and safe solution to arrest hair loss.

     So come and celebrate womanhood at your favorite salon anytime this month. Much better if you can make it regularly to bond with your sisters or amigas over a hair spa or treatment. After all, your crowning glory deserves a second look.

     Feel more empowered as a woman – order NOVUHAIR 3-in- 1 pack online, get one (1) box of NOVUSKIN LIFT with 30 anti-aging tablets worth P2,970 for FREE at

For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, visit NOVUHAIR Facebook Page or website at