First Philippine Blockchain Week Set in November

International and local experts from the digital and cryptocurrency industries have come together to host the first Philippine Blockchain Week. The week-long event will be held from November 28 to December 4 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom of the Newport World Resorts in Pasay.

Called “Chaintrix” and inspired by the meta universe of the movie the“Matrix”, it seeks to promote inclusiveness by educating more Filipinos about blockchain in order to harness its benefits for the country’s various industries.

“We have gathered experts from the blockchain ecosystem to discuss this technological advancement and how companies and people can benefit from it. The Philippine Blockchain Week also lets investors and businesses network and explore opportunities in the Philippine market,” said Donald Lim, lead convenor of the event.

The Philippines, according to Lim, who is known as the “Father of Digital Marketing” there, has a good possibility of becoming the “Blockchain Capital of Asia.”

“The Philippines has the numbers to become a blockchain hub. Our population is at 110 million, with a median age of 25. We also have the highest internet penetration and the highest NFT penetration rate of a digital population,” Lim pointed out.

Chezka Gonzales, commercial pilot, founder of Women of Substance NFT, and event organizer said she is also approaching students to participate in the event. “This is a good opportunity for them to learn more about this digital evolution and how it has affected and will affect the way things will be done in the future,” she shared.

Other Chaintrix organizers include Rico Pang, Group CEO, Sanctum Global Ventures; Kate Hancock, Founder, Metaverse XYZ; Daniel Robbins, CEO of IBH Media; Oscar Tan Abing, Jr., Founder and CEO, Anotoys Collectiverse; Jay Ha, co-founder, IP3; James Lim, CEO, Meta Persona; and Tara Kwon, co-founder, Hyped Collective.

Official Launch of the Philippine Blockchain Week 2022

Similarly, industry partners are the Fintech Alliance, the Institute of Corporate Directors, Regulatory Association of the Philippines, PH Small Business International Council, JCI Manila, Rotary District 3830, and NFT Philippines & Women in blockchain Philippines.

Some of the activities planned for Chaintrix include plenary sessions with blockchain, fintech and metaverse experts, a job fair, speed dating, a golf tournament, an NFT gallery, a concert, a pool party, a toy show, an exhibition and game tournament and hackathons, among others.

Convenors and industry partners have come together to pledge their support to the holding of the Philippine Blockchain Week 2022

On December 2, the Philippine Block Awards will be held at the hotel’s Grand Bar, where blockchain players from the country and region will be honored. Recognition for “Most Innovative Use of Blockchain”, “Blockchain for Good” and “Blockchain Transformation Award” will also be awarded.

For inquiries about the event, you may reach out to the Philippine Blockchain Week Secretariat at or call +63917 8328852.


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