The key to creating sustainable agribusiness

Limited market information and market access are two major barriers to increasing the income of smallholders. Studies show that farmers in grassroots communities often do not have access to profitable and value-added markets. Due to the lack of critical support features such as infrastructure and services, farmers are struggling to transform traditional subsistence agriculture into viable, commercial-oriented production. On the other hand, it is difficult for buyers such as wholesalers to obtain the quantity and quality of products required for processing in a timely manner.

For this challenge, the SM Foundation has worked with various government agencies and with various SM business units such as SM Development Corp. (SMDC), SM Supermalls and SM Market are part of the Kavalikat Sakabuhayan (KSK) program to secure a place for local farmers to sell their produce in the COVID-19 pandemic.

From training KSK participants on the application of sustainable agricultural technology to technology transfer and product development, SMFI, along with various SM business units, harnesses the power of collaboration to create a link between agriculture and the market. Did. This is a powerful driving force for rural poverty. Reductions need to be created.

Team social good

The Good Guys Market is a weekend market established in SMDC’s real estate to bring smallholders into direct contact with consumers, the residents of condominiums. This initiative directly connects consumers with approximately 26,000 smallholders. With SM Supermalls, SMFI has launched the Green Lane Initiative. A social enterprise run by the wife of a KSK farmer offers a wide range of high quality yet affordable homes and landscaping plants to suit all enthusiasts. In addition, the team launched KSK Farmers Market Day, providing market exposure to farmers in some SM shopping malls across the country.

Meanwhile, SMFI has also partnered with SM Markets to create a market for onion growers. Through the partnership, SMFI was able to set up a dedicated onion pop-up stand and create a stable market for small onion producers.

Millions of smallholders are looking for ways to increase their productivity and improve market performance. State-of-the-art agricultural technologies combined with market connectivity such as SM KSK play an important role in improving the livelihoods of smallholders and their families.

Kabalikat SaKabuhayan (KSK) of the SM Foundation is an SMFI-Social Good Sustainable Agriculture program aimed at improving the lives of Filipinos in the grassroots community through sustainable agriculture through technology transfer, product development and farm collaboration. To date, the program has trained more than 28,500 farmers from more than 900 cities / communities across the country.

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