Embassy Whisky Endorsement Came at the Right Time for Alden Richards

After being in the entertainment industry for 10 years, Alden Richards is ready to take on more challenging roles. The actor, who has received praise for his movie and TV work, revealed that he is on the chapter in his career where he wants to portray more mature roles.After 10 years in the entertainment industry, Alden Richards is ready for more challenging roles. The actor, who has been praised for his work in film and television, said he is in a chapter in his career where he wants to portray more mature roles. This is why, he said, joining the Embassy Whisky family came at an opportune time.

“When you get an offer to work with a liquor brand, you don’t just say yes. You alsohave to weigh if it’s the time for you, and if you’re mature enough to handle andrepresent the brand,” Alden confessed. “Partnering with Embassy Whisky is one of mystepping stones in transitioning to a more mature Alden Richards.”

Chilling With Embassy Whisky
Alden, who is currently preparing to return to his role in the new GMA drama series “The World Between Us” and hosting on “Eat Bulaga” and “All Out Sundays,” said he still has time to relax and unwind. .. He watches Netflix shows such as Money Heist and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, plays and streams online games, and shares Embassy Whiskey rounds with his family and friends.

“Since the taste of Embassy is very friendly, I get to really enjoy it more with people close to me, even with those who are new to whisky. It’s very easy to like Embassy Whisky because of its smooth taste,” Alden said, saying further that you won’t notice how time has flown when you’re drinking Embassy because it tastes smooth.

“Ganun siya ka chill,” he said, adding that it was an honor to be an endorser for Embassy Whisky.

Alden revealed he likes his whisky “neat” so that he can fully taste its flavor without any mixture.

“If I drink this way, I can appreciate the brand and hard work put into it just to satisfy us whisky drinkers,” Alden pointed out.

He does enjoy it on the rocks sometimes when he wants something refreshing.

“When I’m drinking with friends preferably. It’s nice to chill and relax with a glass of whisky while sharing stories or just having fun with your friends. We all want, of course, to actually drink with our friends, but, in our case now, we must learn to embrace casually drinking with your friends online, for the safety of everyone. There are also times that I want to take a shot or two after a long day to chill and relax on my own,” he shared.

Looking Back and Being Grateful
While he has yet to host his own e-numan with loved ones, Alden said that he was able to attend one back in June 2020.

“I felt nostalgia the moment I was reunited with my former co-stars in ‘Twin Hearts.’ The experience was fun. It was nice to be able to be reunited with and talk to them virtually – reminisce our happy memories in the past and share our thoughts about the pandemic, especially when it happened during the height of the ECQ,” he said.

Alden admitted that he experienced anxiety attacks during the first few months of the pandemic. He is thankful that he was still able to celebrate his 10th anniversary in show business. He even released a new single, ‘Crazy You’, under GMA Music last December 2020.

“I also had a concert during the same month, ‘Alden’s Reality,’ the first-ever virtual reality concert in the Philippines produced by GMA Synergy. The show was then nominated for the 2021 New York Festivals. Lately, I have been busy with tapings and endorsement shoots. That’s why I am always grateful to God for blessing me with more than what I deserve,” he said.

Future Goals and Projects
Alden further related that while he doesn’t want to stick to the usual characters he has played before, he will always be open to playing dramatic roles. He likes to play a psychopath in a movie or be in an action drama someday. “Drama is my comfort zone, and I really love portraying roles that involve different takes on life. Drama roles will never be out of my list as far as taking on projects,” he said.

Among his current projects, Alden is most excited about his movie with Bea Alonzo.

“She’s one of the actresses that I really look up to, and I would love to be able to act with her and alongside the other cast members of the movie. Aside from that, it’s my first time doing a Korean movie/drama adaptation. The pressure is there because the movie has been a huge success in Korea, but we promise to give our best and a different take on it,” he continued.

Alden is also looking forward to the day when he will work behind the camera.

“I would really love to do this someday since I have a very clear picture of how it works and I’m quite familiar with the TV and movie industry, plus I’ve also done several projects already. Being behind the camera as a producer or director is a new experience that I really look forward to,” he further divulged.

In this journey, Alden said, Embassy Whisky has been his chill partner when he needs to step back and look at the big picture before he seizes the opportunities life presents him.

“Clear you mind, chill with a glass of Embassy,” he concluded.

Embassy Whisky is a product of Tanduay Distillers, Inc., one of the country’s largest and most-awarded spirits manufacturers.

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