Achieve a Korean Lip Color with this Local Cosmetic Brand: Hali Cosmetics PH

I received an email welcoming me to their gorgeous family, HALI Angels. It was unexpected but I’m glad I was chosen to be one of the HALI Angels.

Few of the responsibilities of being a brand ambassador is to test their products, give a feedback and share the experience. So, here are my thoughts about HALI Cosmetics Lip Blurs. NO FILTERS.

The Lip Blur Tints are lip creams with a matte finish. These lip blurs kept my lips moisturized, all thanks to the well thought contents – with vitamin E and aloe Vera extract.

HALI Cosmetics have 8 shades that are different hues of red, pink and orange as shown above. My personal favorite is Skylar because of its muted pink shade that’s very close to a nude brown-pink color.

Check out how long lasting the lip blurs from Hali Cosmetics are. #HALIangels #HALICosmeticsPH #StyleMeetsSerendipity @itsrayrose #foryou #trend

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I love the fact that HALI Cosmetics isn’t doing false advertisement.

The Lip Blurs really do have a gorgeous pigment, creamy texture, lovely scent and non-dehydrating.

It is also true that the lip blurs last long. I had a hard time removing the tints on my skin while doing the swatch test as you can see on my video.

I tried to use water and soap to remove it but nothing happened. So, I tried to use an alcohol, and a little bit of tint came off. Next, I used an oil-based makeup remover but it’s still there. Lastly, I tried mixing alcohol and makeup remover (I do not recommend this step for people who have sensitive skin) but as you can see, there’s still a good amount of stain left.

If you want buy their product, visit Mandy Mae Co. and use my code HALIAnglesVinna to get a 10% off for every 300 PHP worth of purchase. Incase you purchased some, don’t forget to tag HALI Cosmetics on Facebook and/or Instagram. They also sell their product on Shopee.

About the Product:
HALI Cosmetics Lip Blur Tints were cruelty-free made by a local FDA approved manufacturer. For now, they have different hues of red, pink and orange – that will definitely match any skin color.

According to the CEO, she carefully picked and examined as to which shade will match the names of the people who was there with her when she was at her lowest in the year 2019-2020. According to her, those people gave her the courage to continue life and manifest positivity.

The ingredients used to make their Lip Blurs include Rose Water, Vitamin E, Flavorant, Premium Colorant, Talcum, Kaolin and Food Preservative.

About Hali Cosmetics
Hali Cosmetics is a new Cosmetics Brand with an FDA approved manufacturer. The products were dedicated to Rayrose, the CEO’s friends/family that stuck with her when she was at her lowest in the year 2019-2020.

The word HALI came from the CEO’s kids name, Harvey (HA) and Liam (LI). She Wanted to make this brand so close to her heart. With that in her thought, her goal is to bring out the genuine beauty of people that uses the HALI Cosmetics.


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