Dimples Romana leads a special Mega Mother’s Day activities with Mega Mackerel & KuMMMares

In the midst of a pandemic , Kumares need to get together once in a while for some bonding moments and nonstop kwentuhan. It’s a great thing that Mega Mackerel hosted an online bonding and learning session as an early Mother’s Day treat for all the Mega Moms. A wonderful KuMMMare Moments with Dimples Romana, recognizing that moms draw strength and inspiration from each other an online bonding and learning session.

Leading the event was Dimples Romana, Mega Mackerel’s newest brand ambassador and a truly madiskarteng Mega mom. She gamely shared her tips on cooking, health, nutrition, and family life to fellow moms who want smart and practical tips on kitchen and household management. 

As the newest face of Mega Mackerel, Dimples shared how she’s very particular with what she gives to her family, especially with food. She’s the type who always checks the quality and label and with Mega Mackerel, Dimples is assured that each can is tasty, nutritious and a perfect fit in their household. 

She also shared some exciting recipes using Mega Mackerel, which is perfect for any dish with its big chunks and rich umami flavor that adds that extra linamnam flavor into any dish. Dimples showed how the three variants – Mega Mackerel in Natural Oil, Mega Mackerel in Tomato Sauce, and Mega Mackerel in Tomato Sauce with Chili Added – can be made into easy-to-serve, yummy, and healthy dishes.

Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development officer, said “We’re happy and excited that Dimples Romana has joined the Mega family. Dimples embodies the same values that Mega Global and Mega Mackerel stand for–excellence and commitment to quality, serving only the best to Filipino families. Through Dimples, we aim to continue being a trusted partner of all Mega moms, inspire them and help them unleash their madiskarte, praktikal, and maparaan qualities at home.” 

The special Mother’s Day event was filled with KUMMMARE moments and inspiring ideas as the moms shared stories on how they continue to nurture their families amidst these trying times. With Dimples as a Mega Mackerel  ambassador, fun-loving moms can look forward to more fun and exciting activities with fellow kumares. For more information you can visit Mega Mackerel’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/megamackerel/ .

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