How I Learned Not To Ask For Financial Help

This blog is really mostly about why I don’t like asking for financial help and belief in wealth.

Let’s start with my belief;

With money, a person can control [almost] everything and everyone.

It makes people powerful — helps you manipulate people around you. Money can make people who hate you love you, and I believe that the love we get from those people is not permanent.

In my experience those people who asks financial help or expensive gifts only love you because they need you or something from you.

What happens after you loose all the money? What will happen if you stop giving them what they asked for? They’ll get disappointed and mad. They’ll start talking 💩 behind your back. But Sweetie, REALITY CHECK! They do not have your back. They never had and they never will. May they be a very close friend or a family member. They are all the same and they should not be trusted. Most of the time, once they get what they want from you, they’ll blame someone else about the rumor that they started themselves while they were angry at you. And as a foolish person, you’ll believe them (because you think they really do love you).

I don’t like debts. Especially indebtedness or in Tagalog, “utang na loob”. Indebtedness is the worst kind of debt that no matter what you do, it’s just never enough payment. It will be with you as long as you live.

How is “utang na loob” connected to me not asking for financial help? Money is a big deal. No, it’s a HUGE deal… and there are people that once you borrow money from them you are also indebted and expected to be available when they need you and when they need something from you, you must give it.

To avoid asking for financial help, I work my a$$ off for almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just to provide my son’s and my own needs.

I learned not to buy things that I cannot afford and to always prioritize needs over wants.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this topic? Let me know.


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