Hey friend! Reaching out doesn’t always mean I need something from you.

The title made you click, huh? Does that mean you are one of those friends who always try to reach out but always left on read? Are you the type of person who wants to reach out but is terrified of getting rejected? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Reaching out to friends is hard. Staying connected is hard. Most of the times when we ask them how they’re doing, the conversation between you and your friend is going to be quick and awkward. Have you experienced that? Me, many times. LOL But those experiences didn’t stop me from sending random messages to my friends.

If we share the same thoughts, would you share this? So that maybe some of your friends who you want to reach out to will have a clue of what you feel or what type of a friend you are.

Hey Friend!

When I reach out to you and ask you “how are you?”, that doesn’t mean I want to hear some tea or I need something from you. I just literally want to know how you’re doing. Maybe it’s because I read an unusual post (sad, happy, angry thoughts you posted or shared online) or maybe it’s because I remembered something from the past and you were part of it, and I wanted to know what’s up with you these past years, months or days. That’s just it and nothing more.

There are times I may react to your posts and/or stories just to have an interaction between us, and somehow start a conversation that might or might not become awkward.

Well, I really don’t care if it becomes awkward. I don’t need you to ask how I’m doing. I just want you to know that I am here if you want/need to talk to someone. Don’t worry if we’re not talking about what’s been happening to my life. I am just here FOR YOU.

Also, I am not forcing you to say what you don’t want to say. I respect your privacy, choices or decisions. Still, I am here for you. I can be a shoulder you can lean on. You can cry without telling me what happened. You can just curse and shout, just let it all out. I am here to make you feel better, not to stress you out.

There are people who leave me on read A.K.A. seen-zone. Some people react to my messages with a thumbs up or a heart or any emoji. That’s fine with me. I understand that not all people is open to talk about they’re feelings. I understand that people choose who they want to open up to or want to talk to. That’s okay. No hard feelings. Not a big deal.

The important thing is that you know that I am here for you.

Let us not complicate life with a foolish pressure to respond to every messages we get. It may seem rude but that’s okay. At least we now have a clue as to which people we can reach out to.


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