No More Uncomfortable, Sticky and Stuffy Periods: ‘Hinga Lang, girl!”

Guuuurl!! Is it that time of the month again? Hell days, as I call it. Also a sweaty, grimy, and stuffy that all lead to a lot of challenges and stressors — one on top of the other.

Pain and inconvenience when you’re planning to just stay in bed while on your period is one thing. But what about when running errands? Working out on your period? Even the most mundane tasks can seem like such a struggle because of the sweatiness and stuffiness when using unbreathable pads.  But do you really have to settle for an unbreathable pad and therefore, a stressful, uncomfortable period experience? Of course not! Kaya hinga ka lang, girl.

Even when we’re on our period, life shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Experience the Presko protection that you’ve always longed for with the NEW Whisper Breathable with thousands of Airflow Vents! You know that suffocating feeling when your pad just won’t let your skin breathe? Yeah, we’re over that. Whisper Breathable has thousands of airflow vents that let air pass through for a light and airy feeling. You don’t even have to think twice about chafing, because the new super soft wings can help reduce thigh irritation. And you can confidently strut without checking for leaks with the new and improved top-sheet with deep anti-tagos channels.

Finally, hinga lang, girl with your errands, workout sessions, and daily tasks after countless uncomfortable periods because Whisper Breathable has got what you need for a better experience. Stuffy, and grimy pads? We don’t know her. We only know Whisper, the pad that won’t let your period drag you down, literally.

When life gets a hold of you and you feel like slowing down, hinga lang, girl. Get that well-deserved respite and bounce back better than ever.

Hinga lang, girl and give yourself and your skin a breather when on your red days with the new Whisper Breathable with thousands of airflow vents. Have you ever had a #HingaLangGirl moment?  Share away through the Whisper Facebook page.


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