TANDUAY was declared as the world’s top-selling rum for the third consecutive year

International Partnerships, Aggressive Expansion Push Tanduay Rhum to Number 1 Spot Anew

TANDUAY was declared as the world’s top-selling rum for the third consecutive year. All thanks to its international partnerships and global expansion which helped bolster its worldwide sales.

Tanduay Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing Paul Lim said, “Being declared the World’s Number 1 Rum for the third year is an achievement not just for Tanduay but for the entire country as our products are proudly Philippine-made using materials sourced locally. We celebrate this feast with our fellow Filipinos and we thank our international partners who have helped us market Tanduay globally.”

What a great record! Tanduay Rhum sold 20.5 million cases in 2019, an increase from its 20.1 million cases in 2018, according to Drinks International magazine which hands out the awards.

“Once again, Philippine giant Tanduay has topped the rum chart, has continued its steady growth above the 20m-case threshold. The brand branched out into Singapore and US territory Guam while, at the same time, nourishing its vast domestic market…,” cited the publication.

The company has also successfully entered the markets of China, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Australia and their products are currently available in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan, and Guam in the U.S, and will be available in Hawaii, Indiana, Nevada, and Minnesota within the year.

“At present, we are working toward bringing Tanduay to Europe as rhum sales in the region outstripped gin. The value of rhum in Europe is growing faster than volume, which is very encouraging because that suggests premiumization leading the industry to long-term growth prospects,” Lim added.

He likewise divulged that Tanduay is currently working on expanding its product portfolio for both local and international markets. “Nowadays, drinkers have a more developed taste when it comes to their drink of choice. Aside from rhum, we are also exploring other spirit categories to supply markets here and abroad,” he further revealed.

This same year, Tanduay won five medals from the Beverage Testing Institute. Tanduay Asian Rum Gold topped the list with a gold medal. Silver medals, meanwhile, were awarded to Tanduay Asian Rum Silver and Boracay Cappuccino Flavored Rum. Tanduay Double Rum and Boracay Coconut Flavored Rum both received bronze medals.

It was in 2018 that Tanduay first dislodged Bacardi on the top spot of the world’s number one rum list. The following year, the Filipino rum maintained its leadership against 153 other brands in the category.


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