Improve your mood by upgrading your space with L’Arome

It’s always nice to come home to a place where you can really just relax or at least feel relaxed while doing your chores. There are few factors why a place becomes home-y, but the biggest factor is when an environment is clean and the ambiance of the place has a clear air feeding you good vibes and giving you a relaxed mind.

Derived from the French word “L’Arome” which means “the scent”, Laroma Philippines aims to add fragrance to complete the interior of each household in the Philippines.

Ms. Lea Tiano Bongco, owner of Laroma Philippines has always been fond of different scents and she considered it as a gift, to illustrate. When it comes to cooking, she can just simply smell what’s cooking and she can already determine which ingredients used on the dish.

Image-31 (1)

On 2016, Ms. Bongco’s friend introduced the power of Essential Oils to her and since then, she blended on her own for personal consumption and little by little, their friends ask her to blend for them and encouraged her to come up her own business. Hence, on 2018, they officially launched L’arôma Home Fragrance.

Currently, L’arôma Home Fragrance has three products available on the market- the Room Spray, the Reed Difusser and the Oil Burner.

Every scent is personally blended by the owner wherein she gets the oils directly from France to ensure the quality of the scent and make sure it lasts long on the household.

The Reed Diffusser and the Room Spray are consists of fancy floral, citrus, fresh and classy scents like Blossom, Olive, Nashi Fruit, Vanilla Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citrus Basil and Citronella (for the Room Spray only) while the Oil Burner consists of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender.

Image-24 (1)


Most of these scents are guaranteed to effortlessly transform the atmosphere of your space with L’arôma Home Fragrance.

L’arôma Home Fragrances are available from the following stores:

  • The Nest in Jupiter, Makati
  • The Istana at Gateway Mall, Cubao
  • Manila House
  • Natural Market in Fort BGC
  • Natural Market in Ayala Mall, Manila Bay

For more inquiries, you may check out L’arôma Home Fragrance on Instagram and on Facebook at

You can also contact 09209827660 for more details

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