Superbook is Super Back!

Our favorite animated Bible is back!

Now on its 4th season, Superbook will start streaming every Sunday at 9:15 am starting on July 14, 2019 on ABS-CBN.

Back with a new theme – “Superbook Super Star” – its goal is to teach not only kids, but the whole family to act with good moral values that encourages the old and new generation to shine God’s light like stars in the sky for everyone to see!

Season 4 of Superbook will have 6 episodes and I was one of the blessed people to get a preview of the first episode – Jesus Feeds the Hungry. It was truly lovely and fun to watch. I’m excited to watch it with my son.

I have finally found the perfect way to teach him the word of the Lord. Superbook is definitely the new, easy and fun way of introducing the Holy Family and the whole Bible Story.

To make your bonding and the teachings more exciting, download the Superbook Bible App. Play games and learn together with your kids. Also, visit their website to know more about Superbook.

Watch the launching here:


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