Not An Ordinary Coffee Float: You’ll crave for more

I know most of you, coffee lovers have tried iced coffee and coffee float. You may think this discovery is just the same as what you’ve tasted, well here’s why you’re wrong;

I have written an article here about Philippines’ First Affogato Dessert Bar, if you haven’t read it yet, click here to know more about it or just watch this short clip.

Anyway, Philippines’ first Affogato Dessert Bar, Affojeans has an ongoing promo – Buy 1 Take 1 Cold Brew Coffee Float. As a coffee addict, I’ve always looked forward on tasting their Coffee Float. I got the chance to try it when me and my family bought school materials for my son. I can’t say no to my craving when it’s already there beside the National Bookstore (SM North Edsa).

I ordered a classic flavor, Affo Cold Brew Float and the take 1 was my hubby’s request, the New York (N.Y.) Cheesecake Float. Both in Jeans size. Let me tell you, I am amazed about how they called their cup sizes – Shorts (16 oz) and Jeans (22 oz) – it’s witty, right?

I wasn’t really sure about my order but I wanted to taste a classic drink and I honestly did not regret my choice.

Affo Cold Brew Float contains Brewed espresso, milk, a couple of ice cubes and a scoop of vanilla gelatto. I liked how strong the espresso was. The gelatto and milk added the right amount of sweetness. There was no other texture other than the gelatto’s smooth almost melted texture. This drink is something I’d want to drink at home while working or relaxing.

Their NY Cheesecake flavor is great too. I just wish I can taste more cheesecake flavor because I really love cheesecake. But maybe it’s just me because my husband loved it. He said his drink is better than mine. But I think both are great drinks and I can’t choose what’s better.
This NY Cheesecake drink is something I’d like to have while hanging out with my friends or when seeing a movie. It felt like 22oz isn’t enough for me.

I am looking forward to tasting the other flavors. Not just the Cold Brews but the other affogato desserts as well.

If you’re wondering how much the Cold Brews are here’s the deets:

I highly suggest you try it. Unlike other coffee float, you can really tell there’s a coffee and it has a bit of a surprise kick in it.


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