A Must Visit Flavorful Dessert Station

Are you a sweet-tooth and up for a unique mouthwatering escapade? But wait, do you like coffee? What about ice cream, do you like ’em? Who doesn’t, right? Well, if you like both or just want to try something new, passing by this dessert station will be a great idea.

Affojeans is the Philippines’ first affogato dessert station located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM North Edsa, in the middle of National Book Store and SM Department Store.

Affojeans is founded by two young (on their 20s) women. As per Ms. Megz Zapanta, co-founder, affogato exists in some elite and prestige coffee shops in the Philippines but they’ve observed that affogato does not sell that much.

Curious women researched about how affogato is made and everything behind its contents. After compiling all of their researches they tried making their own simple affogato and realized it could work. They then tried creating affogato and mixed it with different flavors. After finding a reliable ice cream supplier and coffee supplier they started to add more twists on each flavors and started Affojeans.

Wait, What is affogato anyway?
Affogato is a mix of only 2 ingredients, ice cream and espresso. It is a famous Italian dessert. Affogato is an Italian word meaning “drowned”, borrowed from the word affogare which means “to drown”. So, it’s basically gelato affogato or affogato di gelato which refers to an “ice cream covered in a liquid”. It is meant to be enjoyed by eating using a dessert spoon, although you can drink it too when melted.

In Affojeans, they “drown” the ice cream in fresh hot espresso. It’s surprisingly good.

Affojeans’ version of affogato 

Photo grabbed from Affojeans’ Facebook Page

Affojeans has seven flavors; Caramello (Caramel & Nuts), Tiramisu (Chocolate & Cheesecake), Cinna-bun (Cold Cinnamon Bun), Classic Affogato, with their 3 best sellers – Matchagato (Matcha Affogato), Black Panda (Mocha & Oreos), and my personal favorite – Avococo (Avocado & Coconut).

I got the chance to try all of their best sellers.

(from left to right) Avococo, Black Panda & Matchagato


Based on the name itself Matchagato, it is a Matcha Affogato. To be honest, I’m not really into matcha, but this one is different. I like the taste of their Matchagato, it’s flavorful and you won’t get fed up with the taste.

Black Panda

I am a guilty lover of cookies & cream, and this is a wonderful combination of coffee and oreo cookies & cream. It’s not just that, the cream is mocha flavor, imagine the strong taste of this dessert. Even though it has a strong flavor, you’ll be surprised with the sweetness that the cookies give you, and that’s the twist that you’ll love in Black Panda.


This one is my favorite among all the flavors that I tried. It is a mix of Avocado and Coconut. you can even see coconut flakes on top of it, and that’s what I love the most. Even without the espresso, I can finish a cup or two, then maybe I’ll just drink the espresso. LOL

I genuinely love avocado and this one is a win. I just love it so much, I wanted more but I already had 3 affogatos I didn’t think I can eat more after that. But I’ll definitely have more if I can, everyday. LOL

Watch my video blog about Affojeans below

This is actually my first time tasting this kind of dessert. The twists in each flavor is shockingly amazing! You’ll want to taste all of their desserts, and that’s what I’m going to do to inform you of what each flavor tastes like. Better if you follow me on Instagram because I post reviews there.

Affojeans revealed their new collection of Cold Brew Float. Their cold brew float comes in 3 delightful flavors; Affo Cold Brew, New York Cheesecake and Cherry Blossom.

Photo grabbed from Affojeans’ Facebook Page

Take advantage of their Buy 1 Take 1 promo before the month of May ends. Visit them at SM North Edsa, exactly located at UGF Main building, in the middle of National Bookstore and SM Department Store.


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