Practical Eco Living: As long as we exist, there’s garbage.

As long as there are humans on Earth, there’s garbage.


Over time, various methods have been employed to deal with the mess we leave behind each day. This is why the idea of creating EKO came up, with the mission to discover the beauty in everyday life and bring it to realization with their products. EKO products are designed with the consideration of the user’s experience in the near future.

With the vision to make a trash can with the same passion for design and style as other furniture pieces in the home. EKO product line has grown over the years but remains dedicated to bettering the environment, keeping space clean and improving the quality and beauty of your living space.


Sharing the same commitment to upgrade the living standard of every Juan, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. caters a wide range product assortment, this made them take pride as EKO’s biggest distributor in the Philippines. CBK Hardware has been the distributor of choice of known malls, resorts, real states and more for EKO. With nearly a century of excellence, CBK Hardware Inc. is one of the few pioneering hardware businesses in the Philippines. CBK Hardware Inc. has been the forefront of home building supplies and is now considered as one of the country’s leading source of the best quality hardware and home improvements solutions.

To know more about our products and services, please visit CBK website or follow our Facebook account



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