A taste of rich Thai flavor

I’ve always liked drinking tea whether it’s pure natural tea or mixed with milk and other edible stuff. Milk Tea is a popular beverage now and I’ve tried different brands of Milk Tea, most are Korean recipes and some are adopted from Taiwan. This is the first time I’ve tried Thailand’s version of Milk Tea.

In Thai milk tea they use strong brewed thai tea and mix it with evaporated milk and/or condensed milk, which makes it creamier and rich in flavor.

Tuk Tuk Thai Tea is the first brand to bring the authentic Thai tea recipe here in the Philippines. It’s not only the recipe, but also the technique in making a mouthwatering tea with the use of metal kettle and large filter tea bags that preserves the genuine taste of the Thai Tea.

Tuk Tuk Thai Tea’s best sellers are their original (from left to right) Tuk Tuk Thai Tea, Dark Chocolate, Thai Coffee and Green Tea.

Tuk Tuk Thai Tea is surprisingly affordable. Their product rate starts from P65 and you can buy the most expensive beverage they have for only P80.

Most of the milk tea lovers always look for sinkers such as pearls, nata or coffee jelly. They have sinkers available for P15.

Have a taste of the first original Thai Tea in the Philippines with your friends and family. You can find them at SM Valenzuela, SM Marilao and SM Sangandaan, Caloocan.

And watch out for their upcoming stalls at Fishermall, Quezon City and Waltermart Sta. Maria.

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One response to “A taste of rich Thai flavor”

  1. This seems interesting. Too bad there’s no store near Ortigas area. I would’ve wanted to taste the difference between Thai and Taiwanese milk tea 😆


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