This mask lightens skin in just 3 days!

I am not new to whitening and anti-acne products, in fact, I have used countless products to whiten different parts of my body and to make my face acne free. I was bowled over a discovery that there is a product that can lighten your skin and can lessen breakouts at the same time. It amazed me more when I saw the results.

Last July, I received a parcel from an online shop named Chrizea Skin. They sent me their famous Wonder Bleach: Whitening Face & Body Mask.

Chrizea (1)

Chrizea Skin’s 300 grams of Wonder Bleach contains Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Mulberry, and AHA.

It’s easy to use. First, wash your body with water or with any soap you love to use, and then you apply Wonder Bleach on your skin (whatever part you want to lighten like underarm, elbow, face, etc.), then let it sit for 30 minutes – one hour. While applying it you will feel some micro-beads that you can use as a scrub. It’s feels like you just poured a yogurt on your skin – a fruit-scented yogurt. You should know that the mask dries up fast, and can be messy.

After leaving it on your skin, rinse the area or just take a bath to wash it all off, then you’re done. You will see a difference after 3 consecutive days of using it. Don’t worry about your skin getting burned, because Wonder Bleach contains natural ingredients thus making it not harsh on the skin.

Before Chrizea

I noticed that it really made my skin lighter after 3 days and it lessen my acne, so I continued using it. After 2 weeks of using Chrizea, I just can’t believe the result.


The mask didn’t make my face itchy nor have I had a breakout during (and after) using it.

I love that the product proved their tag line right – “Whitens skin in just 3 days!”. The fact that it contains natural ingredient is stupendous. That just means it is safe for different skin types. What makes it awesome is that the mask retails for 319 pesos only. Can you believe that? It’s safe and effective. Need I say more?

For orders and inquiries, visit Chrizea Skin’s facebook page.


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