Lip Tint is life? What it is and is it safe?

Most of the cosmetics junkies I’m sure knows what a lip tint is, but I’ll still tell you  what it is. Lip Tint became in trend in early 2017. It’s a lip cosmetic that is made of organic ingredients that’s supposed to help our lips stay soft, and looks natural when worn. Different shades was released, making Lip Tints sell best than lipsticks.

There are two types of Lip Tint, the water-based and the gel-based.

First Application of Lip Tints | Left: Gel-based |  Right: Water-based

Water-based, meaning a Lip Tint is composed of organic products combined/mixed with water. Best example is this Lip Tint from Lubly Lucs who sells organic cosmetics but their best selling products are their Lip Tints. Lubly Lucs just released 6 shades of Lip Tints.

Water-based Lip Tints give you nice pigment of shades. It’s water-proof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof. Yes, it lasts longer than a lipstick.

LUBLY LUCS | Fair Cerisse

Like Lubly Lucs’, most of the organic Lip Tints smell sweet and taste good, while some other brands’ Lip Tints have bitter taste. Well, it really depends on what brand you’re going to try.

The other type of Lip Tint is the Gel-based Lip Tint. It lasts longer than water-based (based on my observation) because it has more pigment due it’s a combination of organic products, gel recipe and a small amount of water. Like the water-based it is hard to take off, it’s water-proof, kiss-proof, and smudge-proof.

Sulips is the best brand to use as an example for this type, because it is really pigmented and it has the right characteristics of a gel-based Lip Tint. Sulips has 5 shades available online and other organic cosmetics in the near future.

SULIPS | Roseate

Lip Tints are not only for the lips. You can also use it as your blush and eye shadow, no kidding. That is, if you’re looking into a long lasting day to night make up. It is actually called a Lip and Cheek Tint nowadays, and many beauty gurus create a tutorial for a full make up using Lip Tint products. Insane, right? But it works.

Lip Tints are safe to use. Well, the ingredients are as follows; Aqua, Glycerin, Colorants, Vitamin E Extract, Aloe Extract and Glycol. People of all ages and genders can use it, yes you read it right, it’s safe for kids too. Oh and let’s not forget the pregnant women and lactating/breastfeeding moms, you can use it too mumshies! Don’t Panic it’s organic!

For more information about the brands that were mentioned please follow them on facebook Sulips Lip and Cheek Tint and Lubly Lucs Lip & Cheek Tint PH.


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