Tips on Buying a New and Used Car

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Buying a new car is a pressure especially if you’re not really an enthusiast. There are loads of different shops, brands and models to choose from, but what’s really important is the quality and the performance of the car itself. I have made a list of things you should consider in buying a new and used car. It depends on your situation or goal. If you’re a family man/woman who is looking into getting a car, you have to decide which type of car you want. There are several types of cars.


  • Compact sedan

If you have a small family, I recommend compact sedan. Why? For starters it has enough trunk space. It is lighter yet reliable compared to other types of cars.

  • Sedan

If you want something bigger than a compact sedan with a bigger trunk space and a wider space, go for sedan, you’ll just add few bucks.

  • Super sedan

Super sedan is a large sedan and more expensive than the 2 other kinds of sedan. It consumes a lot of fuel.


  • Mini hatchback

Mini hatchback is a really small kind of hatchback, and is not recommended for a family man/woman. It fits more to single people.

  • Hatchback

Hatchback is much like a smaller sedan, and doesn’t have a big trunk space. But if you’re not a heavy packer, this type of car is for you. Also, it looks more sporty than a sedan.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

  • Compact SUV

This is more expensive than sedan and hatchback because it is larger and more powerful. It can carry big family and has a big room for any thing.

  • SUV

This one is bigger than compact sedan, more powerful and consumes a lot of fuel. This is recommended to people who are not on a tight budget.

Pick up Truck


This type of car is ideal for travellers, for people who loads a lot of items/furnitures. This is a very powerful vehicle and an expensive one too.


Van is recommended for people who has a big family. It is also used for rentals, another way to get your money back. This car is the biggest among all the types of car.

Buying a second hand car is different from buying a new car, because there are few things you have to consider unlike new cars you don’t have to check if there’s issue. Also, second hand cars are cheaper but that doesn’t mean it performs nicely and neatly like the new ones. You have to pick carefully. So, here are the things you should consider in buying a used car.


First, check if the cars has been in an accident. It’s either you ask the seller, if he’s honest you’re in luck but if not, you got to knock all of the panels of the car, it should sound like a hollow can-like material with an echo-like. If it doesn’t have that sound, then it must have been fixed before. Minor fixes on the body are fine, but if it’s been in a total wreck, it’s no good because the chassi is already unproportioned.


Look under the hood and check if it has oil leaks. See if the valve cover is leaking, if it doesn’t have any leaks check if it has any oil stains. If it has oil stains it means it has a leak. Next, check the break, the pipes, the coppers, and the rubbers for fluid leaks.

Other things to consider

Check if the AC is working properly because this one is a big problem and will be an expensive one to repair. The under chassi problems will be detected during the test drive. If you hear a thump that sounds like a loose screw when you drive on a speed bump that means there is something wrong with your under chassi, that means you have to call a professional.

Buying a used car is recommended for car enthusiasts and people who are highly knowledgeable about cars.

If you don’t know anything about cars, find someone who knows a lot about it and ask them about what fits you and your prefereces or bring them with you.

Hope this helps. Let me know what type of car you’re eye-ing for. To know more about cars click here.

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