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    Hey Sweeties! I got invited to be one of the few people to experience a Free Premium Treatment at ClearSkin Advanced Dermatology and Laser Center last Friday was their opening, March 16th. ClearSkin is located at 26 V. Luna Avenue Brgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City.


    I visited the place and tried their services with other Content Creators. In the morning, ClearSkin held a mini press conference with the dermatologists-Dr. Rainier Nery Mozo (Chief Medical Director, Clearbridge Health Philippines), Dra. Phoebe San Diego-Tajanlangit (Head Dermatologist, ClearSkin ADLC), Dra. Katherine Mae Tan (In-house Physician, ClearSkin ADLC), and the ambassadors Thessa Cadiz, Cathreen Trigo, Nico Fowler, Arvic Tan and Chef Gerick Manalo.

    After the press con we went on with proper opening, ribbon cutting, blessing and treatments.

About ClearSkin

    ClearSkin is formed by the best skin care professionals and dermatologists in the industry. The goal of ClearSkin is to make people look and feel beautiful, and on the other hand be comfortable with their own skin without spending too much. They offer tons of affordable (compared to other Derma Clinics) services such as Facial Treatments, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Chemical Peels, Opera LED Mask, IPL Laser Treatments, Diamond Peeling, Mole Removal, Micro Needling and a whole lot more.

Right now, until the end of the month they are on sale. Their special introductory price is 30% off on all services.

The clinic looks small outside, but when you’re inside it has like 4-6 rooms and a nice restroom. The lobby/reception area is nice, cozy and comfy.

Staff & Crew
Everyone greets you with a pleasing smile. The staff is approachable, friendly and jolly. They are very accommodating and makes sure that you’re alright before, during and after your treatment.

Over all experience
I chose to avail the IPL Laser Underarm Treatment, and I can say that my experience is great. It was my first time to do it and I was nervous at that time, but the crew made me less nervous by talking to me and telling me what they’ll do and what will happen during and after the treatment.

    I thought it would hurt a lot but I was wrong. It’s not painless but the pain is tolerable. First, the crew cleaned my underarm, put on a gel cream (a gel cream like what the doctors put on pregnant woman’s tummy before performing an ultra sound), and then head over on to shoot my underarm with the Alpha Lucien’s Multi functional Intense Pulse Light (IPL). I felt a sting like ant bites on my right underarm. On my left underarm, the sting is more intense but still tolerable. IPL Treatment for underarm originally costs 1,200 PhP per session, but if you’ll make an appointment with them on of before the end of March, you can avail it at 840 PhP only.

    To know more, follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Clearskin is open every Tuesdays thru Sundays at 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM. To book an appointment with them, contact +63 908 144 7773.

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*Not a sponsored post.
*This is a collaboration post.
*Own thoughts and opinions are written here.
For sponsorship and collaborations, kindly e-mail: vinnavinz@gmail.com

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