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On March 3, me and my best-friend, Mona, went to The Yard Street Food Cinema at Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The Yard is a food park that doesn’t only serve food but also entertainment. By the name itself, ‘Cinema’, they entertain customers by showing movies that was shown in cinemas before. What’s better than having a movie marathon while pigging out, nothing, right? And what’s better than eating ribs for pig out?
We ate at Lord of the Ribs. YASSSS! RIBS! I love eating ribs. Seriously, I get really disappointed whenever I see it on the menu in any restaurants and won’t be able to taste it, ’cause of it’s very expensive price.



Lord of the Ribs is located at the 2nd floor of The Yard which is really a really good spot for a food park. First, it has a spacious parking lot, you won’t have a problem finding your a spot for your ride. Second, if you’re going to commute it is pretty easy to go to.

I am impressed with the whole aura of The Yard. As I mentioned it’s a different type of food park. The Yard’s theme is ‘Cinema’, so you’ll get the whole vibe inside. It’s pretty chill even if it’s next to a main road. They got lots of food stalls, each with a different themed-specialty.


Lord of the Ribs’ theme is what? Duh? LOL! I love how witty their theme is and I might say, it won’t be the same without Gollum posing like he’s saying “My Precious… Ribs”, see what I did there? LOL! But, can we take a moment to appreciate the sign itself, ‘Lord of The Ribs by Migo’s’, amazing, am I right?

Mona and I met Mrs. Regine, the owner. She served us 4 of their best sellers, and that’s what I’m going to tackle here.

Me, Mona, Mrs. Regine, John’s Girlfriend & John
Short disclaimer; What I’ll say is completely based on my opinion and taste buds. I hope no one gets offended by my reviews. I just want to be honest to help you, readers, to know more about the brands, products and services. Back to the review.

First, they served us Rib Nachos that is sold for 160 pesos. Have you ever tried ribs on nacho cheese? Well, you got to. They switched ground beef into flakes of ribs steak. Unique, right? The quantity is just the right amount for its price, which is great.


I like nachos. This one is different they mixed melted cheddar with I’m not sure what the other cheese was. I love my nachos very cheesy in a ‘Nacho King way’. The nacho chips they used are really crunchy and it has no after taste.

Next on the menu is the Dynamite Ribs, 5-6 dynamites for 150 pesos. I don’t eat spicy food because it makes my lips swollen. But I wanted to taste this one because it looks very delicious. You can see how crunchy it is from the outside, and it’s drooling.


First try I wasn’t expecting that it won’t be spicy. It’s honestly delicious, I loved it so I ate one again, but I was not lucky the 2nd time. I was hella spicy for me but I still tried to finish it. That’s how tasty it is. Oh did I mention that they switched the ground beef into rib flakes again? Yep, they did. And it’s a great choice. I loved it.

Third, they served us the Family Baby Back Ribs. 3 sets of ribs with side dishes will cost you 680 pesos which is not a bad price considering how big and tasty it is. I can compare the taste of their ribs to a fine restaurant that I’ve tried before.


It’s all in the sauce and the way they cooked it, well done and tender. I love the ribs! I really did, except for the tomatoes (one of the side dishes) I think the tomatoes were overcooked without the intention of cooking it, for me it didn’t taste fresh but whatever, the important part of the dish are the ribs, and I am sure you’ll love it too. Seriously, you will. I enjoyed it. Infact, I was the one who finished the last rib that was left. Well, you know Pinoys, the ‘nagkahiyaan pa’ moments. LOL!

Last food they served was the Cheesy Ribs that has 7-9 rib sticks for 295 pesos. Like the Family Baby Back Ribs, the rib sticks are the delicious! Especially when you mix it with the melted 4 cheese.


Before eating it, they will cook it again using torch to somehow caramelize the cheese and to make the ribs juicier. I didn’t like the cheese solo, but I loved it when I ate it together with the rib sticks.

The crew is really nice and approachable. They served us with a smile, and I think that’s beautiful. The owner, Mrs. Regine is nice, sweet and bubbly.


For me, the rates of their food are just right, it meets the quality and amount of the food that’ll be served.

We interviewed the Mrs. Regine about their business and if you are interested to know the history of Lord of the ribs watch the interview on my Youtube Channel.

I really loved the location, the venue itself, their service, the whole management and their ribs. I definitely recommend Lord of the Ribs.

If you want to try their delicious ribs head over to their Stall at The Yard Street food Cinema, Timog Avenue.

For inquiries and other information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the full interview here:

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  1. Loved your review here. Really informative. More power to your blog


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