Tea Time: Or Tea? | Chinese Tea

Another day, another tea!
So, I found this adorable pack of tea in our kitchen and c’mon, I know you agreed when you read “adorable pack”, right? It’s eye-catching..


Anw, I have here one of Or Tea’s UrbanPop Series, the Merry Peppermint Flavour that has 75g of Loose Leaves. It is an organic caffeine free herbal tea with peppermint flavouring.

Kudos to the designer of their packaging, soooo cute! It’s a hard carton but I googled the brand – OR TEA? and found their website www.or-tea.com and found out that they changed the packaging into a canister which still looks nice & more durable. Good job on that.

Once you open it you’ll see a flyer that contains their products and an aluminum pack of loose leaves. It’s a good thing that they have this “tear here”-like section. You won’t have a hard time opening it, seal it back using the sticker.


After you open it you’ll smell herbs, and it smells so good. The herbs looks great, it’s not crushed (thankful for that) so I had the chance to use my cute tea bag. Hahaha…


I love tea that has a strong smell, like this one. You can really smell how minty it would taste like. I like the taste of it, though it isn’t as strong as it smells but it still has enough mintiness level.

Anyway, visit their website. The website is neat, it looks like a blog site, well, just visit it. They have minor tech difficulties but hey Or Tea if you need help, contact me. Realy smooth approach. LOL!

They also sell Teawares and Gift packs. They have different flavour of teas – Berry, Citrus, Clean, Earthy, Fruity & many more.. They also have different Tea Types like Black, Green, Oolong, Fruit, etc.. Oh, and they have 4 Tea Collections not icluding their 2017 New Tea Flavours. They have Chinese Classic, Wellbeing Series, UrbanPop Series & Iced Tea on the Rocks.

I read that they are, I quote, “A premium tea brand whose strongly Chinese heritage reflects that millenia-old tradition“.

They kinda matched their tea flavours & collections with art. And I love it. Check their pinterest to see what I’m talking about. Why not their Instagram feed? Because they don’t post a lot (yet).

Also, follow them on facebook & twitter if yah like.

Rating: 🍃🍃🍃

I hope you found this post informative & fun to read. Thanks for finishing it, Sweetie!

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