Favorite Korean Mask

Always thankful for blessing us, beauty & skin sensible people, a shop that helps us take care of ourselves in a beautiful way — Beauty N Style in Seoul

These two masks (Lemon & Aloe) are my fave among all the 7 Days Mask Set by Ariul because of its richness in benefits, its smell & its results.


Aloe Mask protects my stressed out skin and gives me a silky smooth result by boosting and coddling my pores.

Lemon Mask also smoothens my skin & brightens it with Vitamin B3 that gets rid of the excess rough skin.

I like the results of both masks. It’s calming & soothing.

Thank you Beauty N Style in Seoul for these and the other 5 masks..

Sweeties, y’all can get yours with a 10% discount just by using my code “BNSVINZ10”

Visit their Facebook Page & follow them on instagram.

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*This is a collaboration post.
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2 responses to “Favorite Korean Mask”

  1. Cool! I want to try these. Thanks for the tip. 😊


  2. Wow, I would love to try these masks because I have enormous pores and dull skin right now. Thanks for sharing this. ❤


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